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Ricky Bridger Jr.

443 weeks ago

Ladies..if you live in GA, stay away from this guy. He's nothing but trouble, and it's not worth the drama that he brings. I've known him since 2005, and I learned along the way that he lies, is manipulative, is controlling, uses people, is two-faced, and is emotionally abusive. I know because this is what I went through with him, and I have a son with him that he has never seen despite efforts made to change that. The only thing he has done for him is pay child support and insurance, and that's only because a court order through Child Support Enforcement. He pretends to be a loving father to people but in reality he has very little to do with him. He has called me "fucked in the head", a "pure pathetic piece of shit", a "fucking bitch, a "piece of ass", and a "whore" on more than one occasion, and has said that by the time he is done with me nobody will want me or have anything to do with me. He will also spread your business around..he has dragged my name through the mud and made personal information --including our sex life-- public knowledge, including on the Internet. All he does is sit on his butt, playing Mobsters on all the accounts he's made up on Myspace and Facebook..he has over twenty of them combined between both sites. There is a possibility that he is on drugs, and he has admitted to past drug use (cocaine, pot, "ice"). He also owes me over $6000 (out of $8300) that he refuses to pay back, despite him signing a document stating that he acknowledge the money owed to me and promised to pay it back. There is also a possibility that he stole money from a previous job back in 2006, and it was a reason that he got fired from it. He has a gambling problem, and although he won $3900 in an online poker game he has used none of it towards seeing his son, even though he has the money, time, and transportation to do it. He was married before, and had cheated on his wife with his friend's girlfriend at the time...there is also a possibility that he forced himself on this friend's girlfriend. Also in relationships he gets clingy and rushes into things waaaay too fast..he likes to propose marriage after a month of dating. He also likes to flirt with and mess around sexually with underage girls..currently he is pursuing a 16-17 year old bisexual girl that he works with at his job. He also has a severe case of post-concussion syndrome that he refuses to get treated, because of him being a wrestler...he has all the symptoms of it including mood swings, personality changes, volitility, and paranoia. Also if you happen to get on his bad side, expect for him to drag your name through the mud, and for him to have his friends and his family members (especially his sister) harass and bother you. Not to mention, he doesn't handle his business in person or even over the phone like a man, instead it's online or in text messages like a coward. If he has done all of this to me, he will definately do it to somebody else. For more information on him, please go to ::

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