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Why? Why would you?

449 weeks ago

What kind of man, who KNOWS he is at the very least bi-sexual, would marry a woman he professes to love without telling her?? What kind of REAL man would then have an affair, WITH ANOTHER MAN, behind her back?? I can't think of anything else more hurtful for a wife, who loves the man she married, than to find out YEARS after marrying him that he is NOT ONLY bi-sexual, but HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH ANOTHER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Consider this: If one of your limbs became diseased and couldn't be saved, the best thing is to cut it off before it can destroy the rest of your body. Can a marriage be any different?? CUT OFF THE DISEASED LIMB!!!! If you don't, your marriage will be OVER. DONE. FINISHED.

I WILL tell. And you will never know how many people IN YOUR TOWN know about this.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

444 weeks ago
you said he was having an affair with another man behind her should be behind HIS back, you know what i mean....that was funny. i crack myself up. wait i said crack!!! ha ha ha ha ha

Why is it any different because he's cheating with a man?
  posted by [Anonymous]

441 weeks ago
What would be different if he was screwing a woman? At least in this case, she shouldn't feel as bad because what he's getting SHE wouldn't be able to provide.

If he was screwing with a woman, what he's saying is "My wife is horrible, I can't stand to touch her, and I'm screwing a different woman who can give me what I SHOULD be getting from my wife - but can't.

Oh, puh-leaze
  posted by [Anonymous]

437 weeks ago
As if she didn't know. She did. She's just willing to settle for it, that's all.


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