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Belinda Susan Shriver from Michigan - Beware

456 weeks ago

Beware of this fake Bitch that plays an online game called Runescape, she is 57 and lies to young kids (boys) and then encourages them with her sexual innuenos, she is sick in the head, paranoid as fuck, and is the drama queen on world 42,

Get your kids to delete this bitch off their friends list! She is extremely obese and on a roleplaying game is the only way she gets her sexual pleasures from young kids.

i watched her in action for 3 years, she gossips to get friends, and then gosssips about them to someone else, always causing drama, she made one young boy take his life, from saying cruel things about his mother, emailing him cruel letters telling him his mum is crazy etc, and even turning all his friends against him, she made his life hell, and is now doing it to another kid, please stay away from this fake bitch, if you know her I'm sure you've heard her bitch and gossip, well she does that about you too!

This bitch is the most nastiest piece of work you will come across, one of those that pretends to be so nice and butter wouldnt melt, I am telling you now, stay away from her and get your kids away from her, check their lists and get her off, for their sake.

She is a fat pedo slapper

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holy shit
  posted by [Anonymous]

454 weeks ago
Contact the police you dumb asses. And grow the fuck up.


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