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Belinda Susan Shriver from Michigan

460 weeks ago

See this Bitch. She is a 52 year OLD! She is also known as Baelynde on a childrens online game. Here is the truth about this pedo woman. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HER> KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN, MAKE SURE THEY DONT HAVE HER ON THEIR FRIENDS LIST ON THIS GAME!!!!
This woman is a digusting bitch, she isnt who she says she is, its total bullshit what she tells people. even her husband doesnt know what she gets up to online, he has no idea, totally unhappilly married.


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lol posted by [Anonymous] 2 weeks ago
she still thinks I am you lol. One of her friends suceeded would tell me what was being said behind my back, how she thinks I am you lol I didnt believe you at first when you warned me of baelynde, but now I have had the first hand shit from her. Psychotic, I would say! And that is with her on my ignore list lol, it has all came from the people she has spread lots of bull too!
I think she does it for attention, I cant think of why else. She likes being centre of attention and the only way she can is to create drama with her storys lol. You really dont need to broadcast all this, many people have told me she has had behaviour like this with many people before on Rs.
Totally agree though, stay clear and be happy without that shit C=

lol posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago
lol <3 told ya
shes a racist too
she had black neighbours move into the house next to her, and she was saying how worried she was because the boy was 15 and might break into her house and steal her stuff because thats what black people do, she is so fake and hates black ppl.
a racist fat mother fucker bitch, that gets pleasure from a pixel guy on rs called "male factor" and encouraging young boys with her sexual inuendos and perverted ways.
she is disliked by so many ppl but most are just polite and use her on that game as an aquantance lol.
she is one ugly mother fucking fat bitch too, that picture here of her is the only one she will let ppl see because it hides her fat and fat lmao

posted by shriverslut 1 week ago

sicko posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago
I know her. Tbh I didnt like her to start with..something about her I couldnt put my finger on. I dislike any racist for a start!

sicko posted by american0 1 week ago
I know her. Tbh I didnt like her to start with..something about her I couldnt put my finger on. I dislike any racist for a start!

Oh.... posted by [Anonymous] 1 day ago
I know her too. I found this page because I was looking her up after she told me strange things the other week, like it says in the title of this post, yes it was gossip she was informing me about a player in the game(Runescape) and quite personal too, Which rather worried me because how do I know she isn't doing the same to me, anyhow, I thought she was slightly strange to start with when I met her a few months back, and thought I would do a little research and well it led me here. The more I get to know this person, the more weird she becomes, the truth is, she doesnt really know anyone on her friends list and it seems its caused her some kind of paranoia. I have started to dislike being around her lately, like many others that have told me she is an aquantance, nothing more. This is how it will be for me too. Truth be it, beware of people across the internet, you dont really know who anyone is on these type of games, be careful.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

460 weeks ago
She has a nerve to even show herself on Runescape, lol almost everyone thinks she has some mental disorder.

She thinks and has told everyone that steph is B, lol she told eberyone that Jason was B, she told everyone that Gaby is B, she is now telling everyone that Marty is B; lol! Does she forget what she has told people because we sure dont, at the moment we are thinking that all these people is B, are we supposed to forget the people that were supposed to be B the first time and believe that this next person is B or what?
This Baelynde is talked about as a disturbed old lady that has had several nervous breakdowns and is dillusional and forgets what she tells people, and they all have something messed up to say about her when she isn't around, just like she does to people, I think she should seek the help she needs, and get a life outside of this game, Is she not embaressed? lol.

  posted by [Anonymous]

457 weeks ago
she on my friends list on rs, she went away for a week for easter, lol its been so nice, everyone that knows her has been saying how there is no drama or gossip and then when shes around we all got to pretend we missed her and were all laffin out loud behind her back, this log is so true about her lol nice one

Yes she is a Bitch
  posted by [Anonymous]

456 weeks ago
If you could hear what she says about people behind their back.
I dislike this Bitch and I know I'm not alone.

~~ ScapePk ~~


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