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460 weeks ago

See this Bitch. She is a 52 year OLD! She is also known as Baelynde on a childrens online game. Here is the truth about this pedo woman. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HER> KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN, MAKE SURE THEY DONT HAVE HER ON THEIR FRIENDS LIST!!!!
This woman is a digusting bitch, she isnt who she says she is, its total bullshit what she tells people. JUST PLEASE KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THIS BITCH BEFORE SHE DOES WHAT SHE DID TO MY SON!


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Belinda Shriver posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago
What a BiTCH!

dam peeple like that. posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago
fuk yu

Thankyou. posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago
This is why I dont like my children playing online games!

posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago
bitch stay away from our kids mofo

bogus dump posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago
Please notice that all the comments were entered immediately after the original post with anonymous posts. They were all by the poster, who is a mentally disturbed person looking for someone other than herself to blame.

Bogus? Probably posted by Shultz2010 1 week ago

omg posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago
i know that player on runescape!!!and she is weird and paranoid! she thinks at least 6 people is someone in her past or something,she did that to a friend of mine on this game sooooveryhot and apparently a few more people. this isnt bogus i know this player. omg stay away from her/him. she was really cruel to my nicest friend

Wow! No this is NOT bogus! posted by dandan27 1 week ago
Many Thanks for leading me to this site! This "Woman" "Baelynde" has tried to make my Girlfriends life hell on that game, This "Woman" a complete stranger to us, has caused rumours about my girlfriend. Thankfully we have been warned about her previously by more than enough respectable people about how she has done this already to many people before on this game. I would stick with this original post, stay clear of "her" She clearly has issues that are fubar. From what I have seen and with more than enough people that have warned us about how deranged this Baelynde is, make sure you are not her next victim and stay well clear.

posted by male factor 1 week ago
Lol - I can vouch for this!

This woman fell head over heals in love me, and we began a cyber romance or whatever it was, only she became obsessed, she would tell me "Storys" and her fantasies of me, it was a totally outragous situation and I could NOT get rid of her. I totally agree, STAY CLEAR!

posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago

Woaa posted by [Anonymous] 1 week ago
i typed this runescape players user name and found this site. bcause i heard on my game som crazyass stuff tonite and i knew jason and this bitchsended him bad email saying mad cruel stuff about his mum and threatnin him,and yup im goin to post as anonymous 2, i dontwant that player knowing me. and the uther person that posted she finks every1 is someone from her past that so tru.she thought jay was someone else and she doing the same thing to another playr now.she is sikk in the head.shut yur rumuors up,my family dont do nothing to yu. we dont no yu so fuk offz cus if i hear anymore of yur crap ima show u what yur crap feels like aight FYL

posted by [Anonymous] 5 days ago
uhh i hate that player shes always stuck up

posted by [Anonymous] 4 days ago
Lol she was a friend of mine once, I knew her better than her (happily married?) Husband!
She was having an affair with a guy in Runescape, always used to tell me how she had feelings for this guy and that he would send dirty things to her and get her to write her fantasies to him, and her husband would be sat on a pc next to her and how she had to try and be discreet, and never leave things open for her husband to see, I was friends with the guy she was having an affair with too, and I split them up after I showed her he tried it on with me, lmao. She was and still is totally fucked up in the head, her husband must be a complete idiot too. Its hilarious, she only married him because she trapped him with a kid that isnt even his! Everyone on runescape thinks she's nuts cuz she is always paranoid thinking everyone is someone else? yea lol nuts!
She makes friends through gossip and sympathy and sexual favours. sick bitch

0mfG posted by [Anonymous] 2 days ago
lols thats her thats friend wid my dad and he calls he weirdo but prtends to be her frend bc she tells all the gossip. says its best to stay on right side of her bc she says some bad things about people. i knows a heap of peeple that dont like her

lmao posted by bambi88 2 days ago

dam rite posted by [Anonymous] New Post
i kno her --baelynde on runescape! she on my fl for ovr 1 yr and hangs in same ccs as me.most ppl that no her have something weird to say about her inc. me. i dunt like how she turns things sexual like she dun get any.i heard her say shes heavy and plays the mmorpg rs so she can be skinny and wear nice clothes :/ shes very strange and bitchy always talking about someone.i heard shes had multiple nervous breakdowns.i try and stay away but she hangs where i hang out.shes fucked up man.take it from me,if u no her u will no

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  posted by [Anonymous]

460 weeks ago
This person was a friend of mine and my husband but not any more!
We have watched her change drastically over the past year. We had to take her of our childs list too, she was like psychobitch, I am so glad this has been addressed on this website, this woman is crazy and shouldn't be allowed an account on a childrens online game. Be warned!

Really appreciate this Post - Thankyou!
  posted by buddeh93

460 weeks ago
So Glad this is up here about this Baelynde, She tried turning people against my sister G on that game, and she doesn't even know her, she told a whole bunch of people that she was someone else?? She told people all kinds of crap about my sister, I totally hate people like this, gossipmongers that have nothing better to do and get a kick out of bullshit and drama.
Stay away from this Baelynde.

I am sure if you know her you would know what she is like and how she talks shit about people, just remember if you hear her crap about someone else, she is probably telling someone else crap about you!


I support
  posted by [Anonymous]

459 weeks ago
I support this. I have often been around this Baelynde on Runescape, I believe she is sick in the head, always coming on to me and my friends with sexual innuendos, at the time I was 15, I dont hang with the same ppl now, she is weird and i would stay away from her if you see her on that game

  posted by [Anonymous]

459 weeks ago
lOL guys.Listen up!
Bae just sent me here to rite summat nice about her andtold me she would pay a months membership for me on rs if I i guess im not gonna get it and yehh she is weird!

  posted by [Anonymous]

458 weeks ago
I know this bitch.

~~~~~support this thread~~~~~

thats her!
  posted by [Anonymous]

458 weeks ago
Laughingmytitsoff. Thats her at the stars on Rs. W42. She trys to make everyone say hi to her, and gets involved in everyones conversations. She thinks she is god. I've heard she is really old. I dont like her. She thinks she's it.

  posted by [Anonymous]

457 weeks ago
i play that game, i dont know that person but ppl like that make me want to vomit. fuck off and leave us kids alone, get a life

it's not just 4 kids....
  posted by Shultz2010

443 weeks ago
RuneScape is NOT only for kids. Us older people play it. Heck, I don't even chat on it with ANYONE. I just like to play the game. By the way....just ignore this person on the game. If she has broken a law in REAL LIFE, call the proper authorities. DUH!!!!

  posted by [Anonymous]

407 weeks ago
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