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480 weeks ago

In the event Shadepro RV Awning Company is allowed to operate freely in your park, here's some helpful tips to help minimize the inevitable losses you're about to incur:
1-PAY ONLY IN CASH-do not give them your credit/debit card info or checking account specifics.
2-NO BACKGROUND CHECKS-if they were to check the history of any of their employees, they'd have none.
3-NO BONDING, INSURANCE OR PERMITS-expect xeroxed copies of important paperwork(this way they only have to buy one)
4-DRUG/ALCOHOL TESTING-doesn't exist with this outfit because the owner sticks with his own kind.
5-SECOND QUALITY MERCHANDISE-typically, they'll pass off discontinued or past shelf life goods as new at full price-good luck with the warranty.
6-CAREFREE OF COLORADO KNOCKOFFS-standard for them to build their own awnings and pass them off as Carefree at full price-good luck with the warranty.
7-PACKING SLIP AND ORIGINAL SHIPPING CONTAINER-if you don't have the barcoded manufacturers label, there is no warranty-call Carefree to verify.
8-MANUFACTURER CERTIFICATION-none of their techs has any certification whatsoever and having them put as much as a window cover on a rig voids the factory warranty.
9-LOSS PREVENTION-if you've had things go missing (generators, tools, equipment, furniture, food/alcohol, storage bay breakins) check the contents of their trucks before they leave the premises.
10-LOCAL AND STATE TAXES-the states of California and Arizona are actively persuing the owner, steve smoot, for state tax revenues. they not only bilk their customers but their community as well. the franchise tax board has an 800 number that should be called upon sighting one of their vehicles.

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pixel shader
  posted by [Anonymous]

478 weeks ago
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