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Kenneth Nathan Reynolds

486 weeks ago

Kenneth Nathan Reynolds
Stay away from this governement trained liar
Born July 1965
Retured from the US Army
He was in Counter-Intelligence
He is in Cleveland, Ohio now in Counter-Intelligence for NASA
He is married
His wife lives away from him
He lies and says he is single
he has to stay married so he keeps his army pension
and bcause she needs his insurance
and because he wishes they could recncile
He is a sex addict
he is a liar
he is convincing
he will break your heart and your kids' hearts
there is a reason h has no rea friends
it is because he is a jerk
he is an asshole
he has STDs
this is all true
all his ex girlfriends want to fuck him
because he is a decent fuck
but is a shity father
shitty boyfriend
and has PTSD bad
he is a psycho that lies for a living
stay away
he will wreck your life

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  posted by [Anonymous]

486 weeks ago
He broke my heart when he gave the necklace I bought him to one of his lovers!

  posted by working.hours

478 weeks ago
Kenneth L. Marcus is the Lillie and Nathan Ackerman Chair in Equality and Justice in America at Baruch College buy diazepam of the City University of New York. Formerly, he was staff director at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.[1]

Marcus was credited by the Wall Street Journal with having taken "an agency in disarray lorazepam " that lacked "basic management controls," and turned it into an agency that "deserves a medal for good governance." [2]

He was also noted for instituting a policy under which the Department of Justice's Office of Civil Rights would considering civil rights complaints from groups, like Muslims, Jews and Sikhs, that combine religious and ethnic characteristics cipro , who can now sue for discrimination under Title VI because of their ethnic (but not religious) traits


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