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Robert Riddle

486 weeks ago

You know how you've heard of people renting a billboard to publicize these creeps who have affairs?
Because they are unhappy they crumble up their wives and family and simply throw them in the trash. Rather than deal with the real problem at home with the wife.
Then you have the women they find to have affairs with. There's the gold digger who gets what she deserves. Then you have those who have families of their own that they put on the line who end up with more scenarios than there is room to state one here. No matter what they end up with I can bet the ones who have any decency about them wonder "what the hell they were thinking". I know the greatest majority of these know when they are going into it what the possibilities are and that the outcome isn't going to be good for anybody. Yet they do it.
These creeps are ruthless in what they will say and do to suck these women in. Not even to mention those who are getting their cake and eat it too. Is it possible for some of them to be a bigger creep than others? Yup, that a definite positive.
So, my point.......Rob Riddle falls into the latter category. He went out one night because he supposedly had problems at home with the wife who got too close to one of the runners she was running with one year then the next year he overheard her talking to one of their male friends about him, sounding repulsed by him. Now mind you this is what he "says". Actually he is a big LIAR and this could be a post about nothing but that. But I won't deviate. What did he choose to do? He chooses to go out and inflicts himself on a family that wasn't out there looking for him or anyone else. BIG mistake! Not putting up with his sick @^$%.
Of course now he is a born again christian and is so sorry and is praying for everyone while he is back with his family (not just the wife) who is listening to his LIES. And expects to live happily ever after.
So if you know Rob Riddle who works at Dicks Sporting Goods in Ga. and lives in Indian Oaks, know that he is a LYING, SICK, CREEP.

Response from Robert Riddle Anniston, Al forum

You're right Jerri. I was a creep and a liar. I treated my Wife in a way that she did not deserve to be treated and I did the same thing to your daughter. I appologized to everyone involved that was hurt by my actions. I have accepted full responsibility for my actions as well.

I did repent for my sins and I have re-committed my life to the Lord. I was raised in a very Christian home and somewhere in my early adult life I got away from the way I was raised. It was no ones fault but my own. The further away from God I got, the further my life began to spin out of control.

The great thing about the Lord is that there is always forgiveness to be had and all you have to do is repent of your sins and ask Him to forgive you. It says in I John 1:9 that "if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness". Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood so that we could have access to that forgiveness. What an incredible act of love!

Jerri, you can laugh at me for giving my life back over to the Lord. You can persecute me for what I did to your family. You can call me a liar and shout it from the mountain tops for all to hear if that makes you feel better. What makes me feel better is knowing that my Wife has forgiven me, my family has forgiven me and most important of all, my God has forgiven me and accepted me back into his presence and I am protected by the blood of Christ. I have experienced his unending mercy and grace in my life and I pray that you will experience the same someday.


First let me start by clarifying that in no way have I laughed about you giving your life back to the Lord. That is no laughing matter and I donít happen to laugh about something like that. The whole tone in your letter sounds like you take me to be a heathen. JUDGING? You have your religion and I have mine. I simply do not believe you and tell me one good reason why I should?
You apparently have no idea how pissed off you have made me. My family and I were doing just fine until you came along. We did not seek you out. PERIOD. And I dare you to tell me different. Now, if you confuse what I am doing as being a heathen to being pissed off then you are delusional. So, I am sinning. I am totally willing to pay the price for this sin. You take yourself to Seminary school and come out a certified minister then talk to me on this subject. It is clear to me that you have absolutely no idea how big all this really is.
I also beg to differ on what you say about apologizing to everyone you have hurt by your actions. I am totally unaware of your apology to a 9 year old boy named Ryan whoís world has been rocked so bad by all of this that he canít sleep, concentrate, play, and no longer wants to go to school. He doesnít want to do anything but be at home with his father. He told his father that is the only place he feels secure. You want to come over and wave your magic wand over him? I need to know just what you expect us to do about him. I will be more than glad to bring him to you and let him explain all this to you if you donít believe me. Then you explain to him why you screwed up his world.
Then there is his father Bryan that you stood on your front porch, in total disrespect to him and me, and accused of lying around and not applying or trying to find a job, looks at porn and other vile things. Your words were ďhe is responsible for all thisĒ. That he stood there and was man enough to do the right thing for his child and didnít hammer you right into the ground says multitudes. As the police officer said you could be dead and would be if it was him. I donít recall hearing an apology to him. Could you also wave your magic wand and make it all go away for him. Iíll be more than happy to let you know how many years it takes.
Next is Cindy. I have never been so disappointed in her in my whole life. She has always been what I considered a good person and never given us any problems growing up. She had always been a good mother. She has endured many things in her life that she didnít deserve. I thought surely she is on major drugs. Iím not sure I donít wish that is what it was. You even knew about her being attacked in Atlanta by a sicko that, had he not been stopped, would have raped, tortured and possibly killed her. He served 3 years in a federal prison in Ga. How could you not have know she wasnít the average bar hopper that you could suck in, screw (all the while you were also screwing your wife) and then dump when you were done or throw under the bus when you get caught. No honor in any of this. That is even worse than the one who admits to the fact that yes, they did love that woman and they will have to get over loving that woman. Itís called being a man. And you wonder why I donít believe you have found the Lord? Nothing wrong with telling the truth. Or are you worse than I give you credit for being. Are you following me here? Also, donít even go to:ďwhat is she going to endure through all thisĒ. I donít shove something like this under the carpet and think her life needs to be peaches and cream. Itís called suffering consequences something I think you donít understand.

You spent one measly paragraph addressing what you did and how you apologized to everyone (NOT) and have taken responsibility for your actions. Then you spend the other three much longer paragraphs telling about how good you feel. Itís a load of crap. None of this has one single thing to do with me and how pissed I am. It has everything to do with the fact that I am not going to sit back and put up with some one doing this to my family.

This is not a drop in the bucket to what needs to be said. So, what kind of a man are you?

No response from Robert Riddle as of Aug. 25, 2009

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I just fucked this guy
  posted by [Anonymous]

482 weeks ago
I just fucked this guy. He is a liar just like she says. The only lord he prays to is the almighty pussy of other women. His wife is STUPID!!!

Great Day
  posted by [Anonymous]

476 weeks ago

  posted by [Anonymous]

476 weeks ago
So, the whole reason why Robert Riddle went searching for a fling was because his wife Christy had and affair with a guy she was running with and then another one last year with Derrick White who lives in the same neighborhood? Yup, that was why.

PCB Room Reservation
  posted by [Anonymous]

475 weeks ago
From: Riddle, Robert []
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 4:15 PM
To: Lang, Cindy
Subject: eSafe Quarantine: FW: Hotel booking confirmation

Our room confirmation in case you don't believe me!

Robert Riddle
Shipping Manager
Dick's Sporting Goods ATL DC
3909 N Commerce Dr
East Point GA 30344

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Tue 3/17/2009 3:26 PM
To: Riddle, Robert
Subject: Hotel booking confirmation

============================================== Confirmation and Detailed Receipt


Your Reservation Has Been Booked! Booking Numbers:

066528902 - Guest: ROBERT RIDDLE

Please refer to these booking numbers if you need to contact customer service for any reason.

========== Reservation Details ==========

Edgewater Beach and Golf Resort
11212 Front Beach Rd
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Check-In: Apr 30, 2009 (check-in time: 4 PM)
Check-Out: May 3, 2009 (check-out time: 10 AM)

1 Adults, 0 ChildrenOne Bedroom Golf Course Villa - ROBERT RIDDLE

View Map -
Driving Directions -
Hotel Information -

Helpful Information Pets not allowed
Minimum check-in age 25
Check-in time is 4 PM
Check-out time is 10 AM

========== Confirmation and Detailed Receipt ==========

Rates per Room
(excluding tax recovery charges and our service fees.)

Apr 30, 2009 ... $0.00

May 1, 2009 ... $0.00

May 2, 2009 ... $0.00

Extra Persons Fee.......................$0.00

Tax Recovery Charges
& Service Fees...........$37.62

Total Charges
(includes tax recovery charges and our service fees.

Payment Method: Credit Card

Card Number: ************3585

All prices in {0}.

La Ti Da
  posted by [Anonymous]

475 weeks ago
What to post next?

Big Head?
  posted by [Anonymous]

474 weeks ago

Mr Riddle to you wrote:
I really don't know what you are complaining about Cindy. You look happy in this picture and you really should have seen the expression on your face later that night in bed! So, why no complaints then?
The problem is that you want more of what I have to offer and you know that will never happen now, so I suggest that you and your crazy family find someone else to talk about! God Bless!

Have no idea where you get this idea and don't care. Not even in your dreams no matter how you are interpreting whatever. You flatter your sick self way too much. To put it in simple words you sick fuck, her problem is that she is having trouble believing you are such a sick fuck after all you told her while you were stringing her along. She is so nieve that she can't even grasp it. So, no matter what she is doing don't EVER make the mistake of thinking that she wants more of what you have to offer. That makes me GAG to even type it. Makes her GAG also. That will never happen even if you were to want it. Reassure your pitiful wife also that she need not worry. Oh, let me assure you that you have no idea what the meaning is of the word "crazy". Now what do you think of the night in June of '08 when you were drunk and stumbling at the Peerless? That's when you really fucked up.

My satisfaction
  posted by [Anonymous]

474 weeks ago
----- Original Message -----
From: Cindy Carnes
To: robert.riddle
Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 11:43 AM
Subject: My satisfaction.

I donít understand why you have to be so mean. I guess because I never knew the real you. I thought you were a decent person. I didn't think you were a liar. Turns out I didn't know you at all. You are a very hateful person and if you think that trying tell the truth to your family by lying to Christy and throwing me under the bus is good then you are a fool. You will meet your maker.

Why are you so chicken shit to tell me what you were thinking when you did what you did to me? Man up and answer to things you have done, instead of running to the police about petty shit like the coward you have proven you are when you feel the heat. Do you not want to explain things to me because you know that I have so much shit on you that you have failed to admit to Christy? You would be doing yourself a favor by growing some balls and talking to me. Didnít you say that you never wanted me to hate you? Well, I am beginning to hate you.

I never did anything to you and I never lied to you. Any lies you think I told are because Christy was smarter than you and lied to you to get you to spill your guts AND IT WORKED. I thought you were smarter than that.

I kinda feel sorry for you though. The very first thing that Christy said to my mom when she found out about us is only one of the many indications that you will end up regretting this. It surly wasn't about loving you. She was only concerned about how you two were going to afford splitting up. She does have you wrapped around her finger and she does lie, manipulate and is way smarter than you think she is.

I saw right through her lies in the email she sent me. She was trying to make me feel bad but she doesn't have a clue that the joke was on her. The crap about your anniversary was priceless. I was rolling!!! She tried to shove it in my face about how nice your anniversary was. It was hilarious because you fucked me on your anniversary!

Turnabout is fair play though. Since you are such a pussy and won't talk to me and explain why you did what you have to me, just know this--I will enjoy knowing that she will have her finger on you even tighter than she did before. You will not have one minutes peace. You will have to ask permission to take a piss. You're happiness will slowly be snuffed out. I won't have to worry about seeing you out anywhere because you will not be allowed to go anywhere or do anything without her being up your ass. You won't be allowed to ride your bike. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up making you sell it! You won't be able to do anything fun for yourself or with your friends. You will probably end up worse off than your dad and you said you don't want to end up like him.

Unlike you, I will be out having fun with my friends. I will be free to do what I want. Nobody will have their finger on me. My happiness won't be snuffed out by anyone. I am free to do what I want, to go where I want with whomever I please. I don't have to get permission from anyone.

So go on and refuse to explain to me why you did what you did. Prove even more that you are scum and that you do not have one ounce of decency in you. Prove that she has you so wrapped that you can't do the right thing for yourself. Karma is a bitch.

Dating Psychos profile of Robert Riddle that he paid to have deleted...
  posted by [Anonymous]

473 weeks ago

Wonder why?

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8/28/2009 @ 09:25:54 AM - Betrayed2 - Sounds like Rob Riddle Anniston,AL is a coward and an insecure pussy that had to suck in a married woman that was vulnerable at the time, to make his ego feel better after he thought his wife wanted another mans dick. Possibly he felt like he didn't measure up and he had to fill another woman with lies and bullshit for almost a year before he got any from the mistress. He now uses his religion like a Greek shield to protect him from the harm he has caused everyone. It sounds a lot like these Catholic priests that get busted for sodomizing young boys and then think that repenting is going to make things better or take away the pain that they have caused. Maybe in heaven, but here and now we have to live with what damage we do. So good luck Rob Riddle and always watch out for the man with quiet rage that would love to unleash it on you. Maybe you should put your house back up for sale since you let your mistress talk you out of moving

9/09/2009 @ 09:10:59 AM - concerned1 - Rob Riddle is something else! All married and single women should stay way from Rob because he has an STD and you will get it to. How many more lives does Rob plan on destroying?

9/11/2009 @ 11:50:52 AM - aces - Hi Rob. Long time no talk. I find this whole twisted affair to be sad. Not sad for you Rob, you self centered excuse of a man, but for the boys and your wife. How the mighty have fallen Rob. Good luck and I know you are sorry. You are sorry you got caught and a sorry person.

9/12/2009 @ 05:05:06 PM - CindyLou - I'm surprised that he was caught cheating, with a woman that is. This guy is as gay as the day is long. I mean, just look at him!!

9/13/2009 @ 03:41:54 PM - concerned1 - He claims that he really loves his wife and that he would never leave her for another woman. If so, then why would he willingly have unprotected sex and oral sex with another woman and take the risk of bringing something home to his wife that couldn't be washed off? I think that he had more feelings for the other woman than what he wants to admit. If you really love someone you are supposed to display that love to the world, regardless of the repercussions it may have on your life! Or maybe he is just an insecure creep that said whatever it took and for as long as it took to get into her pants. I think it is a little of both. Either way, all women and gay men should steer clear of Rob Riddle!

9/13/2009 @ 04:36:00 PM - concerned1 - Let me clarify! Why would he risk bringing something ELSE home to his wife?

He claims that he really loves his wife and that he would never leave her for another woman. If so, then why would he willingly have unprotected sex and oral sex with another woman and take the risk of bringing something home to his wife that couldn't be washed off? I think that he had more feelings for the other woman than what he wants to admit. If you really love someone you are supposed to display that love to the world, regardless of the repercussions it may have on your life! Or maybe he is just an insecure creep that said whatever it took and for as long as it took to get into her pants. I think it is a little of both. Either way, all women and gay men should steer clear of Rob Riddle!

9/14/2009 @ 03:54:07 PM - instantkarma - aces - Hi Rob. Long time no talk. I find this whole twisted affair to be sad. Not sad for you Rob, you self centered excuse of a man, but for the boys and your wife. How the mighty have fallen Rob. Good luck and I know you are sorry. You are sorry you got caught and a sorry person.

Besides long time no talk, aces, bet you never knew this side of Rob. Seems the whole reason he had this affair is because his wife had two affairs. One with a runner that has since disappeared in í06 and then last year with a Derrick White that lives a stones throw from his house around on another street in Indian Oaks. The world according to Rob is that since his affair has come out the wife has admitted sexual details of the affairs. He understands how the husband of the woman he had the affair with feels. He is still the victim! I bet he is really making the wife feel real small and playing the victim card really big. Iíd feel sorry for her myself if it werenít for the fact that she knows he is a lair and thinks she has to stay for the boys. As though they arenít going to learn the lying and who knows what else from this really sick person. She also knows he is smart and knows it is in a cunning way which is the most dangerous. Yes, he is only sorry because he got caught and is a sorry person. But he has rededicated his life to God and prays for everyone now!

PS There is a picture of him with the mistress that he emailed her on my space blog of Jerri Carnes. Check it out. I hope the whole world finds about him.

9/15/2009 @ 10:03:15 AM - aces1 - Christy, The gut feeling that you told me about has turned out to be true. You didn't really know what Rob was capable of, and haven't for years now. You always knew that there was an ugly side to Rob that only showed itself periodically. You only did the things you did because you realized that he was not the man you thought you married. You rationalized staying with him because you thought he was a good father, but what kind of father would jeopardize their family structure for a fling with another woman. You thought that he has done this before and now his true colors have come to light. He has betrayed you before this affair and I guarantee that it will not be the last. You need to leave before you lose whatever dignity you have left. You said the intimacy wasn't the best you have experienced, so why stay with the lying coward?

9/15/2009 @ 12:48:15 PM - instantkarma - Why does he give me the sick, creepy, Ted Bundy feel?

9/16/2009 @ 07:45:25 AM - aces - I would really like to know the real reason Rob no longer works for FEDEX? I think there might of been a trend for sometime now. Even prior to the move to Alabama. If anyone knows please post a respone. Rob, I know you read these posts so please let me and the rest of your "family" know. Also Rob, you said you apologized to your family? Really? You must of meant those with the money, because you most certainly didnt apoligize to everyone.

9/16/2009 @ 01:15:11 PM - instantkarma - Aces.....would love to help you out with the FEDEX thing. Actually anything else I can help with also.. Don't want to know who you are and I imagine you have it pretty well figured out who I am and would love to talk more private than on here. I'm on a mission, as you can tell, but don't want to hurt anyone that doesn't deserve it. I have a mail at I could put on here and block unwanted mails and spam or even delete it if I have to. Would you be interested in mailing me there? If so, I'll put it on here. Open one out there specific for this purpose. You can always delete it. Let me know.

9/17/2009 @ 09:49:27 PM - concerned1 - Beware of Rob Riddle! He is the devil's little pervert disguised in a cloak of righteousness.

11/02/2009 @ 03:28:48 PM - Betrayed2 - This photo makes me sick! Rob, you need to make sure you never get this close to her again, because I swear to you that the outcome will be a lot different than before. You have been warned!!!!!
P.S. You need to stop the emailing now!

11/04/2009 @ 05:41:14 PM - concerned1 - Man! Betrayed sounds mad. I guess Rob and the mistress need to stop emailing each other, cause it sounds like they aren't fooling anyone. I suggest that if you want to be together just come out of the closet and make it official and quit hurting everyone involved. That would be the admiral thing to do!
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  posted by [Anonymous]

472 weeks ago
Is it Rob doesn't want his name associated with this Hmmm.....

Now I understand
  posted by [Anonymous]

470 weeks ago
ACES statement when he/she stated that; Rob must have "meant those with the money, because you most certainly didn't apologize to everyone".

This low life
  posted by [Anonymous]

470 weeks ago
is a CANDY ass.

This is just the beginning...
  posted by [Anonymous]

468 weeks ago
From: Cindy Carnes
Date: Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 8:57 AM
To: Rob Riddle

I don't even know where to start. You want to throw me to the curb without explaining yourself.

You tell me you don't know who you are anymore. You can't believe you have done this but you fail to have any remorse for what you have done to me. I trusted you. You lied to me. You told me Christy didn't want you. You told me she never wanted to be with you. You told me you were there only for the boys, that your wife didn't want you and you were fine with that arrangement. I never would have continued a relationship with you, if I had known that was all a lie, that she loves you and that you were sleeping with her. I wouldn't have continued a relationship with someone whose wife thought the past year of her marriage was going so well that it was possibly the best year of her marriage. I felt badly for you that she was so terrible to you, that she put you down all the time. That she had no interest in being with you. Here all along it was all a big lie.

You told me you would tell me if you were with her. I trusted you. I asked you yesterday how many times you were with her. Why did I ask you that? I was so stupid to believe you would tell the truth. I asked you if I had done certain things after you had been with her and you told me that I hadn't. I think back and realize that I had to have done it. There is no way that I didn't. You let me do that. Why would you do that? You told me you wouldn't let me do that. Why would you let me? I trusted you. Do you think so little of me that it didn't matter? Am I such trash to you that you didn't care? I want to know what you were thinking. I want to know why you thought it was ok to do that to me. What kind of person does that to ANYONE unless they think the person is trash?

Now I wake up in the morning nauseated, feeling physically ill and realize what an idiot I have been. I thought we had something extraordinary; something I have never felt before and didn't know existed. Now I know that I am stupid and that it doesn't exist. I might as well go back to Bryan and be numb for the rest of my life because I never want to feel like this again. I never want to feel pain in my heart like this again. With you, I thought I could love again and feel that amazing feeling love gives but now I can't trust that anyone will ever be truthful. I trusted you and thought that you were so different from everyone else. You seemed to think things through and you seemed to care about other people's feelings. You feign love and decency very well.

I told you yesterday not to let her beat you down. I've thought about that and now understand why you feel so badly that you have done this to your wife. You said two wrongs don't make a right. You say that because she has done no wrong and you know it. Who else have you done this with? Who else have you hurt her with? Who else have you hurt?

I want to know why you did what you did, why our relationship was such a joke to you. Why this has all been a lie. What you were doing with me, what was real, and what was crap. You said yesterday that our relationship was not a joke. I think back and can't fathom how you did and said things to me without actually loving me. How can you do and say those things and not mean them? How do you come up with this stuff in your head and it all along be a big joke to you? I want the truth about all of it.

You told me you are going to call Bryan and apologize for what you have done. I feel like I should probably talk to Christy and apologize to her as well.

I am emailing this to this account and if I donít receive a reply, I will email it to your work account too. I want to make sure you get this and that I receive a reply.


This is just the beginning you sick piece of shit fuckr...

Just know Robert
  posted by [Anonymous]

467 weeks ago
that this shit isn't ever going away as long as I am alive and even after I'm gone. NOT EVER and that you don't hide shit and keep skeletons hidden forever. By the way , Happy New Year cause it is going to be a good one.

One word.....
  posted by [Anonymous]

467 weeks ago

Happy New Year Rob...
  posted by [Anonymous]

467 weeks ago
Cindy Carnes
Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 9:04 AM
Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
This is my new gmail address, obviously.
I am certain that there aren't any emails they could have with the proof they claim to have. I don't even remember their being any emails of that nature between us. Do you?
I have some things I need to talk to you about --about a discussion I had with B last night and some other things. Yesterday you said we were in this together. Today I feel you are being mean and I am no longer feeling like you think we are in this together.I don't like anything anythings that's going on any more than you do. I have lost a lot. We shouldn't be against each other right now. I have to talk to you and how am I going to communicate the details without talking to you?
Please reply ASAP. I also received an email from my mom that she composed very late last night.
Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
Add star
Rob Riddle
Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 9:28 AM
To: Cindy Carnes
Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
The thing is until I know for certain that I am losing my kids, I have to do everything that I can to make sure that I don't get caught seeing you or talking to you. That my mind...that we cannot talk, text or meet for quite some time. Anything that you need to tell me, you need to do it through e-mail for now, or call me at work.
I'm sorry that this is happening. I feel like a complete failure in life for allowing this to happen to my family. I said we are in it together and we are, but you have to respect the fact that this is the only way we can communicate for the time being. I do love you and we WILL be together some day when this blows over and Christy starts to trust me again. Until then, it will be too risky for us to be together. I do miss the way you touch me and make me feel. Christy never made me feel the way you have and she is dumb and stupid for not respecting me. She deserves the pain this may cause her. My heart belongs to you and we will be together one day in the future!
You're Mom is telling everyone that she has proof that we have been together. She is telling them that we stayed together in PCB. She is tormenting people that have nothing to do with this and it's not right for her to be doing this stuff.

Hey Rob, remember this email between us and our secret pact to meet up in January to plan a way for us to be together and you keep your kids? Well, this is not going to happen because you are a liar and you disgust me. I don't know what I was thinking and now I know why Christy said those nasty things about you! I guess she is not as dumb as you said she was. My husband finally showed me the love that I have had for him all of these years and I am finally happy. I hope you remain miserable and maybe grow some balls one day. Right now they are as tiny as the other part, loser.
By the way, there is more to come. You have not payed for the pain you caused!

You got to be kidding!
  posted by [Anonymous]

467 weeks ago
From: []
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 4:19 PM
To: Lang, Cindy
Subject: A Gift Certificate for you!


Robert has sent you a $100.00 eGift Certificate that can be used online at to shop from over 13,000 beauty products from more than 200 brands.

Gift Message:
From: Rob Happy Birthday. Shop online and have it shipped where ever you want! Enjoy your birthday, I love you!

You will need your eGift Certificate Redemption Number to redeem your eGift Certificate.

To: Cindy Lang
From: Robert Riddle
Amount: $100.00
Redemption Number: 296766d2

Redeeming your eGift Certificate is easy

You got to be kidding Rob and Christy! Your husband wanted to give me this gift out of the kindness of his tiny little heart because he loved me. I never asked for this, but you actually wanted me to pay you back? What about the Villa in PCB, the times he took me out, and the lingerie he bought me to wear before he performed oral on me and fucked me? Do you want me to reimburse you for that also? You got to be kidding me! You need to spend your money on a good divorce lawyer before he does this to you again, because he will.

So Aces.....
  posted by [Anonymous]

458 weeks ago
you were wondering why Rob no longer works at Fed Ex......well, wonder why he no longer works at Dick's?

  posted by [Anonymous]

407 weeks ago
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