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Aaron Holter is a Douche!!!

487 weeks ago

Dude! You can't do anything right!!!! You have been fired from countless jobs, your girlfriend cheats on you over, and over. Your kids tell openly tell people that you hate your family. Hell Child protection services have been called on you TWICE. I am surprised you still have your kids!

You are a worthless POS. I have never seen anyone with so many excuses. Hell your Drivers Lic. was even taken away!

I have never met a 30 year old who was afraid that his parents would see his tattoo.(Not to mention a shitty tattoo at that based on a video game... Dump! So go to your job at Walmart (are you working more than 10 hours a week yet?), and keep gettin rides from others so you can buy your next video game. Keep hiding from the people that have pissed you off! Asshole!

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