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487 weeks ago

Lucas Martin Adams is 28 and from Dover, Ohio. I dated him 4 years ago, and if I had known this website then, I would have posted this much sooner. Luke, you are a waste of flesh. You sit around all day playing video games and leech off your grandmother and the rest of your family, and/or the woman in your life. The only way you make money is by selling shitty SHADY bags of pot. I was scared of leaving you for fear you would make good on your promise to kill me if I left you. So I dealt with your verbal and physical abuse until I found a way out, which was very shortly after you BRAGGED to me about raping your ex girlfriend after she broke up with lured her over to get some of her stuff and RAPED HER. I was very stupid for staying with you as long as I did, but you taught me about what to avoid in a man. On top of beating me, holding a knife to my throat, and destroying my things when you were angry (once particularly when you wrecked you car while huffing duster, then proceeded to blame me for the accident), you are certifiably insane. You claimed to me that you were an angel thrown out of heaven by God because you despised humanity, so you were doomed by God to live as a human over and over again in a horrible life. I hope you never procreate, I would feel sorry for any woman that would have an permanent life long connection to you via a child, and also for the child as they would have the misfortune to have you as a sperm donor, as you could never be a real DAD. Do the world a favor: hold your breath until you DIE.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

487 weeks ago
Wow, I hope you didn't stay with this guy too long. He sounds like a real loser. I also hope you sent this to all his friends so they know what a jerk he is.

Funny Thing!
  posted by Matt John

483 weeks ago
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  posted by whydown

407 weeks ago
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