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410 weeks ago

Mike and Janet, could you please keep that psychotic kid of yours out of my yard? And when I say, "my" yard, I'm speaking for everyone in the neighborhood. He throws rocks at the pets, beats up the children, pulls the flowers out of the planters, and is a wise talking little punk. What is he, 8 or 9? He told one of the neighbors to "fuck off and die" the other day. This kid will be in jail when he's 10, if it takes that long. I don't want to call the Child Protective Agency, but if you don't take control of him, somebody will just to get rid of the little shit. I don't know how you put up with him, but we don't have to. Lock him up and throw the key away before somebody does it for you. And you don't have to take my work, I'm sending this around to the other neighbors and I'm sure we'll see plenty of other complaints posted about him.

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THIS IS SO TRUE  posted by [Anonymous]
410 weeks ago
I don't know who wrote this, but it's about time someone spoke up. This kid is a little terror and has no respect for anyone. If I didn't think I'd get caught, I'd throw him in a dumpster and get rid of him for good. I've been waiting all day to see if one of his parents would respond to this, but they're as fucked up as the kid is and probably don't give a shit as long as th kid is out of their house. Dumb asses.
Seriously?  posted by [Anonymous]
410 weeks ago
Who raises a kid like that? Someone should knock some sense into the parents that lets the 8 year old kid do whatever he wants.
Asshole parents & the kids  posted by [Anonymous]
400 weeks ago
Sounds like the parents and this stupid little fuck of a bastard should have their asses kicked. Especially that rotten little waste of a cum shot.


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