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512 weeks ago

A few days back Michelle Obama was giving a talk to students at Anacostia High School in Washington, DC. The candid talk focused on the value education and hard work. Mrs. Obama discussed her determination to get good grades when she was in school and recalled how she was teased for talking "like a white girl." Are you shitting me? WTF kind of a comment is that coming from Mrs. President? (Oh, yeah, Anacostia High is 99.9% black and .01% Hispanic) Do you think Mrs. Obama would say that at an all which high school? And did it make the headlines, like it would if Hillary Clinton was at as white school and said she was accused of talking like a black person? And to say it in front of a bunch of school kids?" I watch the news and didn't see it anywhere. This is the same bitch that said, when her husband got the Democratic nomination for President, that "for the first time she was proud to be an American." Where's Jesse Jackson and that freak show Al Sharpton. Why aren't they out protesting that "white person" comment? Heaven forbid a white person should have made that comment, Jackson and Sharpton would be out walking the streets protesting and the press would be all over them.

I'm a white person and I'm paying Obamas rent, food bill, and for the FBI to protect her. What's wrong with talking "like a white person"?" The "white" people put her husband in office and "the white people" are paying her bills. But nobody, and I mean nobody, said a word about her comments. So, I'm speaking out here and sending it to press people. I want to know why she can make comments like that and nobody cares, but if a white person said it, they'd get hung.

And for the record, I'm a white person and I've dated or been married to everything from black, to Asian to Hispanic to Indian. So, I am not a prejudiced person.

Want to know more about the Obama crap, go to, the only host around that had the guts to take on the story.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

512 weeks ago
Anyone that has been watching her since Pres. Obama started getting into the lime light knows how prejudiced she is. Nothing she says should shock you. As for the press, I'm really amazed nobody picked up on this and put it in the headlines. Seems like all the "good old boys" are running scared.

Ummm... are you really that stupid?
  posted by [Anonymous]

491 weeks ago
Really? Are you that completely brainwashed by numbskull conservative talk show hosts that you don't even bother thinking about what you're saying before you say it?

Let me boil down what she said in the fewest words possible so even monkeys like you will understand it:

education, hard word, determination, good grades, talking like a white person

These are all things that Mrs. Obama said belong together, get it?

She's saying that it's important to value education and hard work, and that the black community shouldn't shun (tease) kids for speaking like they're educated, in fact that they should strive for it.

Damn you white people are dumb as bricks.

  posted by dravid

473 weeks ago
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