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"Gee, Look at my boobies, they are real! Honest. Lying fucking bitch from hell!

521 weeks ago

Wow man this friend of mine had his sister try to get a restraining order on her 2 Xs and lost! Ha Ha! Now she's trying for a 3rd loss, what dumb fucking skink. Oh I read all the stuff she sent to my friend and she is a real loser, lost her kid after allowing her to be molested! The blamed them for telling the truth when they were asked by a judge. she then just perjured herself by lying to the judge about why she couldn't come to court on her 1st filing, what a dumb shit she just sat in the cafe hahahaha! while the case was heard and dismissed. She's a meth head, sugar daddy huntin' BEEOCH!
Rott in hell ya little cunt. All of rob and michele's friends know what a slime ball you are and from what I hear so does your family now. Did ya lie to them at the party? do ya think they believed you? Ha! Ponder that one for awhile and what I have heard about you, you'll be pondering it for, oh, 20 or 30 years ! God get a fuckin' life! peace out filthy lying cunt. your own friend, or so called friend, Leslie wrote a letter saying she knew for a fact you were drinking and using. But being a punk herself backed down when she realized, oh my, oh gosh, I will now have to deal with her anger AGAIN. Her words "she sucks the life right out of you and is hard to be around". Nice leslie stick your nose in then run, what a chicken shit. You deserve a crapping on too so this craps for you too slime bag two faced lie telling bitch! Let's don't forget FATTY deanne Neth now theres a piece of work tells a kid she will take her to see her long lost puppy and doesn't show and from what I hear didn't call either! What a fat useless cunt. Oh, and from what I have read another two faced bitch. You all are so afraid of lori, why don't you just admit it, you wanted her to get spanked are to afraid of her to stand up. i'm not i'll face off the ugly snake any day, what's she gonna do? File a restraining order AGAIN! Oh, I heard my friends sister in law is no better. The woman in that family must thrive on LIES! huh debdeb? Yeah we heard all about your husband leaving you for a sweet young thang, of course who wouldn't, LOOK AT YOUR SELF...YUKY POOOOOOOOO. So not due to him being a child beater and you lying about it but because if some young sweet thang that trumped your sugar mama approach, what a loser. Ha! This Dump is for you all because you've earned it.

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Don't let this post fool you. It was posted by Rob and Michele!
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520 weeks ago

  posted by [Anonymous]

500 weeks ago
I think it was posted by Rob and Michele Landahl.

  posted by [Anonymous]

497 weeks ago
nope,lol rob landahl


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