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Fuck you Stefanie Slut Altenburg

522 weeks ago

It's funny that they say karma is a bitch, kinda true really.

When you fuck with people, karma bites you on the ass.

You are nothing but a lying, try hard, desperado slut from hell.

You have all kinds of STI's and its about time that you own up to it and tell everyone you have infected.

Its also about time you tell people you were born with a dick, you trashy tramp!

Pissed off Aussie Guy

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Its true
  posted by jacob5

522 weeks ago
Karma is a bitch. And you do get out of life what you put into it. If you are a slut, lie to people, and fuck with their lives, this kind of thing (where people expose you) is just bound to happen. Really, it is.

  posted by [Anonymous]

522 weeks ago
True true true

  posted by [Anonymous]

522 weeks ago
That is sooooo weird that someone with such an unattractive deformity could actually hook up with anyone. But to have so many diseases and stuff there must be a lot of incredibly sicko men??

  posted by [Anonymous]

518 weeks ago

Well, it's true and she does manage to get a lot of guys and screw with their heads. I think its what she gets her kicks from. She just does not give a damn about how many people she hurts


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