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Stefanie Altenburg

518 weeks ago

Stefanie Altenburg is the biggest slut on the planet.

She is a hermaphrodite, but never tells people.

She loves to take it up the ass.

She has a cocktail of death going on downstairs.

Educate yourself, and if you see this woman/man thing, run like hell!!

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Its sad that people like her exist
  posted by jacob5

518 weeks ago
There really should be a place we can send people like this girl. What kind of person doesn't tell people she is a hermaphrodite. Maybe she takes it up the ass because of the cocktail of death she has going on downstairs? In any case, thanks for letting us know and I know I'll be sure to steer clear of her. I don't find her attractive anyway so there wouldn't have been any chance of that.

Man-gina WTF!!
  posted by [Anonymous]

518 weeks ago
Holy he-bitch batman. One fucking ug-ley womanthing with a man-gina! Can't say that there is much freakier than that shit.

...cocktail of death going on downstairs...
  posted by [Anonymous]

517 weeks ago
love that terminology. shall have to use it from now on to describe others like her!

  posted by [Anonymous]

517 weeks ago
I'm almost peeing myself laughing at this tramp woman-man thing. eeeeeeewwwwwww!

  posted by [Anonymous]

266 weeks ago
What std does she have exactly?


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