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Stephen Rudnicki and Jennifer Dorsey CHEATERS.

519 weeks ago

Stephen Rudnicki who works for Crossfire Marketing Group AKA CMG AKA Jones Boys with offices in Upland, (Rancho Cucamonga, Ca) Mesa, Az, Las Vegas Nevada, Ohio, and Fla, left his three children behind FOUR days before christmas for an ugly CO WORKER skank from the SAME company. His phone number is 909 489 7262. He left three beautiful boys from a beautiful woman of ELEVEN years who stayed at home and took care of not only him but his children for a skanky SLUT who has 8 kids from many different fathers. He even called THREE of her kids the N word yet he continued to cheat on his woman of ELEVEN years with her for SIX months behind her back!! (Not to mention he was seeing a psychologist for mental problems at the emmmm) Now the Mother of these children are left to start again. Everyone out there please pray for this family for he deserted them in the night and one of his sons is DEEPLY affected by this. More deeply than could ever be explained. Please pray for this family! Please tell him what a piece of SHIT cheater he is!! His email is and and hers is This is what Dr. Phill calls the DEAL Shitheads....this dumps for YOU BOTH from three innocent children, 16, 9 and 3!! Please everyone out there...pray for this family!!

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A Real Scumbag!
  posted by [Anonymous]

480 weeks ago
Yeah, this guys a real piece of crap. I work for the company that he is the "Vice President" of and I can tell you Stephen Rudnicki is the biggest scumbag on the planet. He does everything to keep from paying us what we deserve and he fired the only two managers who looked out for us! Now he has his little lapdog Nick Barnes who walks around here like he owns the place, comes in late and leaves early everyday and treats us all like were beneath him! (Fuck You Nick) The guy doesn't know shit about sales. It's rediculous!
Everybody at Crossfire hates it here now, all because Stephen was threatened by the guys who really knew how to run this place.


Dumpi's On YouTube!