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Stefanie Altenburg... Piece of Shit

523 weeks ago

Hey sweetie!!!! YES, FLIES ARE ATTRACTED TO SHIT... And from this pic, we can see they really like you hotstuff!!!

Lets get this biatch evicted from Australia....

She's a piece of shit, psychotic bitch and tries to destroy people's lives if she can't get what she wants. Cheating, lying, stealing, psycho, with no morals but a fuckin lot of sexual diseases!!!!

She will get the hint sooner or later that we don't want her here. Go home huni ;)

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Nasty Piece Of Work
  posted by [Anonymous]

518 weeks ago
Satan reincarnate perhaps?

I did read somewhere:
  posted by [Anonymous]

517 weeks ago
that her ***** smells like rotten cheese.

flies obviously like that smell A LOT. SICK SICK SICK SICK!


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