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524 weeks ago


Please Take Note: All males and females!!! This girl is bi-sexual and everyone is "at risk". This "thing" called Stefanie Altenburg has no concept of right or wrong and spirals out of control leaving a trail of destruction everywhere she goes. Stefanie is a dieseased, sociopathic, compulsive liar and is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS woman.

This lovely lady is a cesspool of sexually transmitted diseases. Herpes - check! Crabs - check! Gonhorrea - check! Syphilis - check! Jock itch - check! Genital warts - check! Hepatitis - check! Do not have any sexual contact with this woman IN ANY FORM. I found out the hard way after contracting this cocktail of STI's from her. And if you have been unfortunate enough to have had sex with her, GO AND GET A SEXUAL HEALTH TEST NOW!!! Stefanie is a selfish bitch. She will not tell you she has these diseases and by the time you find out, it's too late.

This woman is a sociopath so you are best to give this creature a very wide berth. After realising she was a lying, cheating, diseased bitch and ditching her, she dedicated all her time to stalking me and trying to interfere in my life in every possible way. Lets just say, she does not take rejection very well and will try to take you down and hit you anywhere she thinks it will hurt.

Stefanie will borrow your money but never pay you back. She is a leech type of personality. You know, the kind of person latches on to good, giving, generous people that don't see it coming. I used to only see the best in people but after this, I have learned to be a lot more cautious. Because I trusted her, I ended up more and more deeply tangled in her web of deceit. Stefanie still owes me about $6000 but I figure its a small price to pay to get rid of someone so toxic and evil.

Where do i start with the drugs. This girl puts Amy Winehouse to shame. If she can swallow it, snort it, smoke it, inject it or put it in her body any other way, she will. And she does not descriminate, she'll take any drug. Perhaps it gives her an escape from the fucked up evil hell of her own mind. This has obviously been a major contributing factor to her psycological problems and is also most likely the same factor that has led to her contracting almost every sexually transmitted disease known to man.

I broke up with her because I found her in bed with another guy at the hostel, or should i say "guys". I'll paint the picture for you. I had come back to the hostel early that day as we'd had to stop work due to some problems with the equipment. I walked in to our room and she was bent over sucking off some bloody european backpacker that we'd only just met the previous night while his mate was fucking her up the arse. Dirty, dirty, slut!

So, i hope your life goes absolutely shit Stef and that you get fucked over and cheated on by anyone you are involved with. I also hope this serves as a warning to anyone that even considers becoming involved with you, you stain of a human being. You're nothing but a trashy low class slut and deserve the worst in life.

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Thanks 4 the headsup
  posted by [Anonymous]

518 weeks ago
Sorry you had to go through it though


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