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532 weeks ago

I'm a male dancer nights in a club here in South Beach, Florida. I also work in one of the biggest ad agencies in the country. I have many friends in the firm, but because of my side job, I don't get out to socialize with them to often. Nobody at the firm knows about my dancer job as I think they'd look down on it. I have one particular, wild group of girls that come in the club every few weeks. About three months ago, I hooked up with one of them, Karman, after work and we ended up in a motel room. Karman is tall, dark, gorgeous, in her 20's, with a body to die for as you can see by the picture I took, and a she's a sex maniac, to say the least. The next week she came in with three friends, and after several drinks she asked me if I'd like to take all of them on when I got out of work. These girls are all really hot, so I figured why not. A good buddy of mine, Kevin, was hanging around when we closed and the girls invited him to go back to the hotel room with us. It started off with Karman giving both me and Kevin great head at the same time, and at one point I was doing her doggy style while she was sucking him off. It didn't take long for all the girls to join in. Kevin and I plugged every hole we could find and had a ball, and we've been doing these girls every few weeks.

One of my ad agency associates, a much older guy who I've become friends with, Harold, is getting married in two weeks and invited me to the wedding, even though I've never met the bride, or at least I thought I hadn't. A couple of us went out for a few drinks after work Monday night and Harold pulled out some pictures of his fiance. I damn near fell off my chair. It was Karman, and some of the other pictures were her future brides maids, all of whom have give me bj's and fucked me silly over the past few months.

I don't want my friend Harold to be marrying this girl as I know she'll be out cheating on him. So, I'm sending this story to both Harold, Karman, and three of the other girls, whose names I won't mention here. Harold, I really feel sorry for you and you'll probably never speak to me again, but you're a real nice guy and I don't want you to marry someone that's out screwing around.

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You have brass balls
  posted by [Anonymous]

532 weeks ago
Hey, Dude, you have a big set of balls writing this story seeing you're poking you friends fiance. You should have just kept your mouth shut, (and hers working). You just lost the best thing you probably ever had. Shacking up with 3 or 4 hot broads and you screw the deal up just to be nice. How fucking stupid is that?

How stupid you are
  posted by [Anonymous]

532 weeks ago
We'll "male stripper", everyone knows your name so what was the reason to post on an anonymous website? Although I'm happy you didn't give out my name. I'm the short blonde that you always fall asleep on. So tell me Dale, what in heavens name would possess you to send out this email. Everyone has their own lifestyle and maybe Karman just does her own thing. Either way, it's not up to you to publicize it to the freaking world. I guess the old saying is true, tiny brain, tiny dick.

  posted by [Anonymous]

532 weeks ago
I can see this could end up in a complete fiasco if it goes on. First off, this is Jan, one of the "fouresome" that meets Dale and Kevin every so often for our little, private orgy's. Well, at least they used to be private. Now the whole Internet knows whats going on. We should have filmed some of them and at least we'd make some money for ourselves. Secondly, Karman and Harold are traveling are due back today or tomorrow, so I don't think they've even seen this yet. I can understand why Dale posted this if he's really a good friend of Harold, but I think telling him directly would have been a much better way of going about it. I'm not going to try to answer for Karman or for Harold as it's not my business, but I can tell you for sure that this wedding will go on no matter what. I know them both "intimately" and Harold worships the ground Karman walks on. It's going to be real interesting to see their response to this whole thing.

As for you Dale, I respect you watching out for Harold, but it surprises me that you'd be willing to give up our parties for anyone. I can't say you or Kevin are the best sex partners I've ever had, but you both have great personalities and keep us laughing, so it's a lot of fun and somewhat satisfying. Like a few weeks ago when you just about had Beth ready to explode and you fell asleep. I won't say who finished the job for you, but Kevin was sleeping too, so everyone can figure the rest out themselves. It was pretty funny, though.

We'll just have to wait until Karman and Harold get back to get a resolution to all this, but it'll sure be interesting.


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