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Sorry bro, it just happend

542 weeks ago

So how many of you can say that they have slept with their best friends wife? Unfortunatley I can. A few coctails and some underlying sexual fantasies just all came out last night at our work party. My friend, and co worker, we can call him Brian got shitfaced early on in the evening and passed out in his office. I don't know if his wife was pissed or what, but when she grabbed my crotch my second head took over. It was amazing to say the least, it is my first office screw. I'm afraid to tell my boy though, there really isn't any excuse for what I did. I am more afraid that he will leave his wife who was just drunk and horney. I guess I'll lay low and hope he doesn't check out this site. Sorry buddy, but it was a great fuck!

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