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547 weeks ago

For those of you who already havent slept with Sara, here is a brief overview. She is a hostess that works at the restaraunt that I frequent. You never think to ask about someones past when all you are doing is trying to get into their pants. This was my first mistake. Turns out the girl had to flee her midwest town because she was banging to many married men, she got caught when a bill turned up in one of their accounts for fake tits, that the wilfe didnt have. The next mistake I meant was drinking a few to many and not using protection, the idiot I am ended up with the clap from this bitch. The final mistake I made was to think that she wouldn't tell my wife, turns out the bitch is blackmailing me. Apperntly fake tits aren't the only thing she wants to get for free. If you know this bitch, stay away, unless you want the hassel and take the problem away from me, then by all means have at it.

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