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The "industry" breeds hoes and alcoholics

548 weeks ago

I am dumping on the restaurant industry. Not becuase it hasn't been good to me, because it has. I am dumping on it because everyday I go to work I see a great example of how alcoholics are made. Whe you spend 50% of your daily income on getting fucked up, there is a problem. Not to mention that you are spending 20% of that income on the skank you work with who has already slept with four of your other co-workers. So lets break it down, you work your ass off for 100 bucks a day, you feel so depressed afterwards you go and drown yourself with some industry happy hour, you swap fluids with some ho from Fridays and you call it a night. The funny thing is, this happens with EVERYONE! From your boss, to your chef, to the lesbian and homo that work next to you. How can a job fuck you up so bad?

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