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Stupid f ing Crackhead

549 weeks ago

I love this website, it lets me bitch about the stupid crackwhore neighbor I have. I don't know what her name is, but I do know that her Oceanside house is very close to mine. She also drives a piece of shit camry with the plates surf girl or some shit like that. The reasons I am dumping on her are many. I'm not sure if you know CA, but if you live close to the coast you have no ac and the houses are stacked on top of eachother. This basically means your windows are always open. This is how I have learned about this crack whore that lives next door. I can hear the bitch lighting up, taliking all hours of the night about what disease she think she has, and how the laws in Tucson differ than CA in covering up your nipples as a stripper. This bitch needs to realize that she can hear me flush the toilet, so I can hear her on the damn crack pipe. Whore, you need to quite up, becuase this is just my first complaint, keep up your shit and the snoball will just keep getting bigger and bigger...not to mention a nice donkey punch.

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