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Lying,woman beating,child abusing, puss ass, mommy's boy!

549 weeks ago

Warning to all of you women out there, if you see this asshole RUN away very fast!!! His name is Derrick Scott Weimerskirch Jr and he lives in Mesa,AZ. Let me tell you about him, for starters he is a MAJOR mommy's boy. He is almost 30 years old and him and his nearly 40 year old troll of a brother still live at home with mommy. Mommy works at walmart to support her two little men I mean boys. This idiot thinks that it is ok to beat the woman in his life and to abuse little children. And his mommy just stands by and lets it happen. This "man" cannot even hold down a job, because he can't control his temper. He puts off this image like he is such a great dad but he is far from it. Not only does he not support his son, he sent the police to do a welfare check on his son when he did not even care enough to take his ill son to the dr. He is a redneck hillbilly that needs to go back to Idaho and crawl back under the rock him and his family came out of.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

548 weeks ago
you all sound a little red neck to me!


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