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556 weeks ago

do you know that you can not hide forever and that Kelly is not to blame for all your problems you sleazy skanky easy loose piece of ass...robert is never going to stay with you forever...he may have married you for the time being bitch but he will find someone else like he did when he and kelly were together for 6 are not going to be his last victim in life...when he finds another girl stupid enough to fall for his lies and his games the way he got you and kelly to fall for them then he will dump you like yesterday's trash...he was so in love with kelly until you interfered...I should know I was always there...dont worry about kelly or her friends because when I am done with you there wont be anything left to worry about and bitch this is not a threat it is a promise that I intend to keep....step into springfield you nasty will be sorry...and everyone knows you and robert are together and hiding from the cops and everyone else...

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