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Constant "C" Blocker

560 weeks ago

I’m dumping a co-worker for being a constant cock blocker. He is a rough-neck and former bull rider and his idea of picking woman is by telling them he use to protect a Saudi Princess for a living. I personally think he just watched “The Bodyguard” and decided Kevin Costner is hot. I hope he gets a date from today’s lunch, I really do – that way she’ll know that a Copenhagen snuff french kiss tastes like, yummy!!!

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OK tennis star
  posted by [Anonymous]

559 weeks ago
Well I can't believe that I am being called out like this but since you want to air this dirty laundry like this then lets get it on....Ok, the only time that I have ever C-Blocked you there was either (A) money involved or (B) good looking tail involved. What you failed to mention in your post was the times that I wouldn't even attempt to C-Block you and since you didn't enlighten everyone let me go ahead and do that now. I have been with you too many times when you get a little too into your drinks and quite frankly will take any 200lbs beached whale home just so you get some. Do I try to C-Block you then?? NO!! But don't think for 2 seconds that I am going to sit by the sidelines when you try to pick up someone that is obviously out of your league. Don't worry, the good looking chicks always have the fat friends for guys like you.


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