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Your wife is a cheater,and she is not having your babys!!

566 weeks ago

Hey FYI Denver Lee Loveless in Coweta Oklahoma
everything you have done bad in your life is all going to and is backfiering on you..
your nasty bitch cunt wife Brandie is a stupid slut who keeps having kids and your sterille
Dumb ass!! she sleeps with anything and everything I see cars in your driveway and it's not yours. guys leaving late at night lol
and your so dumb!! you fucked up when you let the other one go red!! I hope you get something you cant wash off lmao.... to go with the other shit you got from her.. she has been fucking my son for a long time and you need to put her on a leash.....

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  posted by [Anonymous]

395 weeks ago
please Red was cheating on Denver way before they ever divorced, shes a ho also.


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