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Tina and Ray Yrigoyen cut the shit !!!

566 weeks ago

You guys are full of it! Tina, Katrina, Renie Manzo, Redhouse or whatever the fuck you want to call yourself. Stop all the blogging and stop ordering free brochures and sending them to our homes with Kim's name or Dave's name or even Sylvia's name. We all know it's you guy's doing this shit! You guys make Kim look like an angel. At least when she left
El Paso, she went on to live her own life. You guys have to dwell on things and blog them on the internet. You run away and hide from everybody like two pussies. You obtain hush e-mail accounts so you can't be tracked. You trash Sylvia on which
we believe you to be a part of. Funny how dumponyou is based in Scottsdale, AZ. Do you know Kevin Baer? How bout we myspace all your crap Ray? Like your bankruptcy and driving your father into bankruptcy. Or the time you tried to steal a transmission with your father who gave you the money to buy it and had
no idea he was about to take part in stealing it. We're sure Tina would like to hear about your threesomes you liked to brag about. Guess our tax dollars were well spent when you sat on your ass for more than a year trying to sue HoyFox Toyota. By the way Ray, we have no doubt that Savannah is your daughter. You claim to have DNA evidence to the contrary, only problem is, you can't perform this test
via mail order. We seriously doubt Kim would consent to a DNA sample being taken from her daughter. No reputable lab would perform the test without both parties present and parental consent on a minor. Even if you were not her biological father, that little girl saw you as her daddy. You were her daddy for about eight years!!! You've pissed off a lot of people. Congratulations if that was you goal. Your
father is very disappointed and upset with you Ray. Don't call him, you'll only set him off. What we don't understand is why don't you just live your own lives. You two run away and hide whether it be 6356 LAVENDER ST,CORONA, CA 92880 or 31155 RD #132, VISALIA, CA 93291 or 1930 ST, VISALIA, CA 93277 or Shea Blvd in Scottsdale, AZ. Why do you imprison
yourselves with the constant blogging. Looks like Kim and Sylvia are the real winners here. They've gotten so beneath your skin that you two can't let it rest. You all have a need to write all this crap. So who has the stronger mind? By the way Tina, how's the
bi-polar disorder that Ray once said you have? Don't like this shit do you? Wonder how long it's going to be for you to come up with some other shit? Grow up for God's sake!!! And stay the hell away from El
Paso!! We will report all this to the proper
authorities as well as anything considered to be a form of retaliation. Sylvia has already spoken to a lawyer and we know an FBI agent who can help us track you down.

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More proof you people are out of line
  posted by [Anonymous]

558 weeks ago
We should not even dignify this with a response, however it has gotten so far out of control. Ketrina Rini Manzo Yrigoyen whomever is not even a real name. Trina Reese has been a private investigator for years and no, we are not in Visalia California so stop bothering the people there before they file a lawsuit. A DNA test was done in 2004 via a lab and no, there's no need for consent of other parent. Sylvia and Kim are both liable for defamation and slander since neither Ray nor Trina (aka Christanna) from Santa Monica CA have bothered either one of you. Attorney records show only YOUR IP addresses as stalking our MySpace accounts, and numerous emails from both women were found to trace back to Keller TX, Ft Worth, Florida and El Paso, TX. If there is a hoax or problem somewhere online, you have BOTH had our private site site to contact us and send items to the attorney. We find it funny that SO many months later we locate this crap and find you're blaming it on us without having the courage to send us a copy.

Kim has not been bothered at all, authorities let us know Savannah is fine, so do her schools. There IS no problem other than Kim and Sylvia cannot seem to move on. Realize the attorney has YOUR info and IP addresses on file stalking us, not the other way around. We lived in AZ in 2004 for a few months, we just now stopped by to visit friends while we're in CA on film business. Please email with any issues before making false accusations. Again, the courts will look at who is "stalking who". We have NO interest in any of you, we wish you well and we will come to El Paso any time we like for family visits. The police in Ft. Worth offered to escort us to "Kim's house" after hearing how nasty things were in Nov 2007 and we think that speaks volumes about the situation.

If anyone would like to make reference to Trina personally about alleged "mental issues"then have attorneys or FBI contact us at the site which has been up for a few years and available to all. Also, we'll be in touch with this poor Ray Yrigoyen from Visalia CA that you've been harassing, and if need be WE will side with him in any harassment lawsuit.

If you wish to harass people and "claim to have investigators" then get your Sh*t straight and make sure you have the right people. DO NOT bother the people in Visalia, CA or Scottsdale, AZ as they are NOT the right people and we've been aware you're bothering them.

You're tracked at the MySpace sites enough - Honolulu is where Ray Young is. We're in CA for a while then back to Hawaii. VISIT THE CABANOVA SITE or stop harassing people already.

NOBODY CARES. Sylvia Carbajal, cut the shit now. Unless you provide us with a copy of whatever the hell you find online (or make up yourself) then DO NOT BOTHER US AGAIN. send your inquiries there and stop using sites like this to play victim because it's sick.

  posted by [Anonymous]

480 weeks ago
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