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562 weeks ago

What in hell is this country coming too? Illegal aliens being given everything for free the first day they get here while our poor suffer and get nothing. Illegal's taking jobs and not paying taxes, shootings in our schools, our government supporting third world countries whose citizens burn our flag, and on and on. Now the latest, and if you haven't already read this, you'll find it very difficult to believe.

A State Senator from California, Sen. Alan Lowenthal, a Democrat, has introduced a bill that would actually allow the promotion of communism in public schools. The bill, SB 1322 is simply shocking," said Meredith Turney, legislative liaison for the affiliated Capitol Resource Family Impact. "The socialist members of the legislature are now advocating that communism, one of the most brutal forms of government in history, be taught favorably to government school students. Anyone espousing communism, which does advocate for the violent overthrow of existing government, will be permitted to not only use government property, but work in schools and colleges, and teach their freedom-hating propaganda to impressionable young people."

This goes beyond appalling. Teaching our kids the way to overthrow our government so as to bring Communism to our country? One of the most treacherous societies in the world, advocating killing of innocent people and no freedom's whatsoever, being taught right in our schools?

What in hell is going on in our country. We used to be the epitome of freedom and the proudest country in the world. Now we're being taken over by foreigners that are here to take our money, wreck our society and destroy our children's dreams, and now some total idiot Senator want to help destroy our society? This shit head should be tarred and feathered.

I also urge you to send letters to this sorry ass, anti American, telling him what a piece of crap he is, and if someone wants to cut his balls off, DUMPI will hold him down while you do it. Better yet, call and harrass the hell out of him until he jumps off a building somewhere.
Capital Office: Phone: (916) 651-4027
Paramount District Office Phone: (562) 529-6659

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just an opposing opinion, just a thought
  posted by 2yrsago

552 weeks ago
Heres what scares me about this. I understand where you're coming from. However, it seems that Mrs. Turney and the conservative group CRI seem to be a bit mis-informed. Being both a follower of sorts of the American Communist movement, as well as a patriot, and former Marine, I see a particularly large flaw here. While Im sure there is a some offshot of the communist group that does want to overthrow the democratic government, that is not the case thru out the party. Much the same as there is a radical sect, if you will, of any group, or party, the communist party as a whole cannot be blamed for this. The communist party wants to keep the current method of government in tact. To see democracy fail here, would certainly doom the world. No, the communist party in the united states, is more of a economic standpoint. The goal is to provide, via the government, the priveleges that every american should recieve. A national healthcare. A national provision for food and water and housing. A national provision for, basically, what any and all americans should recieve. The communist party also believes that there should be more control excercised aross all american borders. To use the extremists to define a group is wrong. Mrs Turney and her christian backed, political agenda spouting group should remember that EVERY group has its radicals. Im sure she wouldnt appreciate it if someone accused right wing republicans of the oklahoma bombings. After all, Timothy McVeigh had grown up a devout christian. As absurd a claim that the republican right advocates the use violence against america, it is that absurd that the "american communist party" would ever seek to overthrow the government of this country. While I wont state that the promotion of communism is not something I would seek out in public schools, I would seek to inform and educate anyone person, adult or child, of what american communism is about. I just wanted to get the story straight as to what american communism should be defined as.


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