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567 weeks ago

Well, we sure got a lot of emails about this one. Some very complimentary, some insulting and some quite threatening. The complimentary ones we obviously agree with, the insulting ones are what they are, and the threatening ones are from little pussies that don't have the balls they were born with, and we just ignore them. One email really effected me and that was from a fellow that gave good reasoning to remove the reward of $1000. I had been thinking about it anyway, but this convinced me. I want to thank JJ for taking the time to write this with so much thought and conviction. The Humane Society is one of two charities that I donate to, the other being The Special Olympics. I have therefore donated the $1000 to the Humane Society. JJ's email reads as follows:

Dear Editor,

I’m a 37-year-old, 17-year Marine veteran. My comments are in no way or in any capacity official, I speak as an individual concerned citizen. I am a dog lover and have three “dog kids” myself so please understand that my disgust level when I watch that video is very high.

OK, let me start by pointing out my position on the Marine’s “alleged” actions. I say alleged because the investigation has not yet proven him guilty and if we give criminals the innocent until proven guilty benefit, let’s do that for someone who puts himself in harm’s way his country, eh!?

I think if/and/or when proven guilty it’s despicable and a complete discredit to our Corps and every verbal abuse, rank reduction, brig time and money deduction he gets is very much warranted. However, I have a personal problem with you putting a bounty on him for harm to be done. You further went on to post his home address and phone number, which will only accomplish the harassment of his poor family and God forbid harm comes to them.

I’m no legal eagle, but I would think your bounty would in some way be illegal and even felonious especially if or when harm comes to him or worst case scenario, his family. I mean how would you feel if his family urged every former, current or future Marine that lives in your area to go to your personal residence where your family lives and beat you up?? I could not imagine you would like that one bit, nor would I. Or what if they called to harass you 24-seven? Just not cool!

I am not making excuses for that little shit bird, but I am worried about his family. Please consider removing that information. They are already suffering enough I’m sure.

This Marine most likely will need some serious psychological treatment for mental problems only those who have seen the horrors of war will ever understand. Some of us deal with them through our faith, personal mental fortitude and moral strength and convictions, but unfortunately not all of us have the same strong psyche it takes to cope with the dark side of combat. Seeing your peers blown up by the enemy using dogs, cows, donkeys and camels as bomb carriers or watching the enemy use mentally retarded women and children as suicide bombers is enough to mess with your head.

The Marine Corps will deal with him appropriately upon the outcome of the investigation, you can rest assured of that.

Thank you for your time and I hope you consider my words.


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  posted by [Anonymous]

566 weeks ago
Rember boys and girls no video no crime.Is the world perfect,except for him,no.SEE my point

  posted by [Anonymous]

482 weeks ago
I do Animal Rescue, and If we find out this has happened, we call the owner and speak to them, and hoodia ask then what happened, and then get the information on where the Animal has gone too, and then add there name to the Adoption papers. Thats right, that what we do. We understand things buy tramadol happen. And we give the new owners a chance to find a great home for the dog or cat. You seem like you just about the Money. You don't give a damn about the animal or he families, just the Monies involved. I hope all the Media will Shut you down!!!! Shame on you what you have done to Ellen. What a wonderful person she is. You Euthanize more xanax online animals then you place, and then you want to go do something so stupid like this. You deserve all the bad things people are saying about your Rescue. Your not a Rescue, your a Stupid woman. You could have worked this out with Ellen,

  posted by whydown

412 weeks ago
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