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NO Cell phones in Public Bathrooms

566 weeks ago

Hey you stupid douchebag in the bathroom stall... News flash! We don't care what you are making for dinner, that your significant other might be cheating on you, that your boss is a bigger douche than you are, that you are on the rag, that the girls in the office treat you like crap, that you don't make enough money to pay your bills, what movie you are planning on seeing, your baby's daddy isn't paying child support, your kid is in trouble at school again... get off the pot and go get them, that you are fighting with your mom... dad... kid... sis... bro... aunt... uncle...etc!

Suggestions for a quieter bathroom experience for me!! Don't take your cell phone in with you! Learn to put it on silent if you do! Best of all, text while you are sitting there!!! It's not that hard!!! Oh, and eat a breath mint while your at it, your breath smells like your ass!

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