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dennis Blausser, cheesedick & CEO of Marietta Silos

563 weeks ago

Dennis, YOU are a spiteful douchebag.

This guy employed a friend of mine with a drug problem 2 friggin years ago, and she has been clean and in rehab for over a year, it took her nearly 2 years to find another job and its for minimum wage 20 hours a week, and DENNIS goes to her employer and badmouths her calling her a junkie & tries to get her fired. This poor girl has suffered ENOUGH! She never stole, hurt the business, or anything. She just showed up ripped a couple times and he would have her back out on the street eating garbage again when she has had to struggle through detox, mental institution, and outpatient therapy to get her act together,

What a sick sick individual you are, dennis that you own an airplane and would take a measley $140.00 a week away from someone who is trying to better themself and find a place to live. This girl lives in a car that barely runs and showers at friends' places. She already lost enough on her own, now that she's trying to help herself without drugs, LEAVE HER ALONE, or you will answer to ME! Pigfucker!
BTW your wife's big fake titties are hugely disgusting and has a face like a rats ass!

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  posted by [Anonymous]

562 weeks ago
Wow, great post. I hope the shithead gets what he deserves. And I hope you sent this message to all his friends, family and employees.

Dennis has no common sense
  posted by boomer69

562 weeks ago
Dennis committed an unlawful act. If you can prove Dennis's comments - your friend has just found a next egg. Or she may be the new owner of the Silo Company. Go see an attorney - I'm sure they will handle this case on a percentage basis. Sorry Dennis - you deserve this!!

Take the Karma to Dennis
  posted by [Anonymous]

562 weeks ago
Yes, pls take this in for legal action. She, after all is trying...people like Dennis have had it to easy to know what hard is like!


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