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569 weeks ago

So, let's just say I wasn't surprised when I ran across a message board discussing The Celebrity Apprentice and a recent task involving NYC carriage horses. Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not your average bleeding-heart liberal, but let's just say that being a NYC carriage horse isn't exactly living like "The Donald."

Both terrible living and working conditions have led to proposed legislation to ban carriage-horse rides in NYC. I don't live anywhere near NYC, but apparently this is a hot issue there. Certainly one that Donald Trump should have heard about. After all, he was quick to criticize Carol Alt for not being familiar with "Easy Pay" after she worked for QVC for 5 years. How could Donald Trump not have heard of the carriage-horse controversy in his home town?

Week after week he airs a show that contributes a large amount of money to charity, yet he organizes celebrities to exploit helpless animals. That episode did nothing more than glamorize a business that activists have worked hard to outlaw. I doubt seriously that Trump could defend such disreputable practices, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he thinks animal abuse is a necessary evil in a capitalist society.

Donald Trump should seriously consider doing what Ellen Degeneres did and devote some airtime and financial support to to enlighten the public about this disgraceful business.

By the way, a lot of people are pretty steamed at Trace Adkins for the same episode. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt that animal cruelty didn't even cross his mind during this particular task. If it did, he deserves the same criticism I just dished out to Trump.

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WHOA! Those horses could be in the glue factory.
  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago
I saw that episode and it didn't look like the horses were being abused at all. Considering some of the idiots he has on that show, like that ignorant biatch Omorosa, I'd rather be the horse. I donate regularly to the Humane Society due to my love for all animals and I had no idea the horses in NY we abused nor how they are abused. Buy on visits to NY I've seen those broken down old nags and if they weren't working in Central Park they'd be in the glue factory. If the horses are being abused, shame on the owners and handlers, not Donald Trump.

Seriously? That's the rebuttal?
  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago
Well if you're not aware of the how and why of the abuse it must not be that bad.

Watch this video:

When an issue is particularly distasteful it is always easier to ignore it. Shame on the owners and handlers, too. They need to be shut down.

PRETTY SAD, BUT..............
  posted by [Anonymous]

568 weeks ago
I have to agree with the writer here, but as bad as those horese appear to have it, they'd be shot if they weren't working the streets. Nobody would just keep them around and have to feed them. Besides, there are little kids in this country treated worse than those horses. Lets face it, our society sucks.

Might Be Something There
  posted by MyTurn

568 weeks ago
Take a good look at the video the writer is justified in being concerned. The city could strengthen its legal protection of the horses but the threat of accidents would be tough to alleviate in NYC. Trump should have avoided this; didn't he already have a task on a previous show involving carriage horses? He gets an F for creativity anyway.


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