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Britney Spears is a See-you-next-tuesday!

484 weeks ago

Britney Spears is the singlemost sorry-ass piece of rotten tomato shit to wind up in Hollywood. From her antics as a minor stirring up sex-crazed older men, to her ineptitude in dancing (It's alot more complicated than cheering for the Louisiana mudblobbers) who she probably fucked, to the controversy when she turned 18 about whether or not her tits were real since they ballooned overnight, to a 55 hour marriage (duh, stupid) to getting with a skanked up, doped up backup dancer we know as K-fed now, to shaving her head, riding in convertibles with unstrapped babies, dropping your kid because you're too high to hold a baby but god forbid you spill your water(you need that to wash down all the oxycontin) to shaving your damn head and threatining the lives of your kids and self to get back at an ex. You've lost it, Fattie. You're just an over the hill, run of the mill well done pork rind. Get your shit, move back to your trailer and maybe call up larry birkhead. (I hear he's a single dad) But Get the FUCK out of the way of our media. Take your whole hilbilly family and drown them with cinderblocks and then finish yourself with an oleander salad, you stupid bitch!

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jealous bitch  posted by [Anonymous]
484 weeks ago
You sound like one jealous bitch to me. Britney may be a little screwed up right now, but she's still one of the most talented, hot little ladies in all of entertainment, and she'll be back. The writer of this post is probably some fat, pathetic slut with no life.
Actually  posted by [Anonymous]
483 weeks ago
I USED to feel sorry for her b/c of her drug and emotional problems, but when you threaten the lives of BABIES, you deserve to get dumped on, oh and I am way hotter than Britney could ever hope to be, not that anyone would ever date me, Wanna see the picture of me sucking face with Criss Angel while my sister was watching tv with his GF Mary?
HOTTER THAN BRITNEY?  posted by [Anonymous]
483 weeks ago
This I have to see, and if you are hotter than Britney and send me a picture to prove it, I'll have it featured on this web site. You can post it here or send it directly to me.

OK Editor  posted by [Anonymous]
483 weeks ago

AND BY THE WAY  posted by [Anonymous]
483 weeks ago
If you haven't already checked out our Dumpi video, take a look at it. It's on the front page of the web site. That's me driving the Ferrari. We're getting ready to do another one. If you're that hot and want to have some fun, I'll fly you out here and feature you in it.
Sounds like fun, Dumpi  posted by dingosateyourbaby
483 weeks ago
I will check it out.
Screwed up somehow  posted by [Anonymous]
482 weeks ago
Well, I must have screwed up somehow. The pretty girl that said she was "hotter than Britney" was in touch with me and then disappeared. What a bummer, she was really cute.


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