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569 weeks ago

If you want to watch out for this asshole go to

Scott, you are so FULL of yourself and you are nothing but a low-life, crack-smoking bar bitch who RAPES women by drugging them until they pass out. What a man it takes to do that, you are another Andrew Luster except your ass is BROKE (except what you STEAL from Kevin)!

Yes, we all know that you pocket customer cash and don't ring up drinks so you can support your drug habits. So far jail has eluded you. Your days are numbered. Law enforcement in your tiny town knows about your cocaine/crack/booze/oxycontin addiction and your victims are plotting to bring you down.

I'm emailing this to Kevin and hopefully he starts inventory because he is financing your drug habit and then some and everyone knows it. He's a good, over-trusting guy and doesn't deserve to be robbed this way.

You say you "host" college students who are bums? Hello dumbass!!! These BUMS are going to be making six figures soon and you will still be old and fat and ugly, slinging beer in some slimey joint, IF you're not busted for drugs/rape/embezzlement first.

Your face is disgusting and you have a big fat-ass gut and everyone is sickened just to look at you. No wonder you have to drug women and rape them just to get off. No woman would have you otherwise.

By the way, ever hear of LGV??? No? Well it's called Lymphogranuloma Venereum and ya probably got it cause someone you fucked IS infected! Have any sore lymph nodes? This is a fact because she either had it before you and gave it to you, or (most likely) you gave it to her. Doesn't matter because you fucked her last.

Get over yourself, you are nothing, nobody, a complete ZERO. The only thing that would be better than the police busting your ass, or Kevin firing you and charging you with embezzlement, is for some BIG guy to roofie you and fuck you in your fat ass while YOU ARE passed out on the bathroom floor!

BTW, if you open your dialated pupils and take notice you will see that the cops are watching you already. If it wouldn't fuck up the investigation, I would name NAMES right now so you know how real this is. Have a nice life motherfucker, I hear prison has plenty of drugs so you should fit in there.

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A Real Winner...
  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago
I bet all the girls line-up to for this guy!

A real wino! Whats in his glass?
  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago
Did this guy pee in his glass? Doesn't look like any wine I ever had.

If it was piss...
  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago
It probably has alot of blood in it!

  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago
Pee is bad enough, but blood? This guy should just be shot and fed to the pigs.

  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago
That's all I have to say. He's YUCKY!

  posted by [Anonymous]

564 weeks ago
Fed to the pigs alive! Just be sure to pull his teeth and shave his head to aid thge piggy's digestion. You wouldn't want to go sifting frough pig shit, now would you.



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