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Dig on This Loser Asshole Tony Clark, Waterford, Ohio

574 weeks ago

I am an ass, not any ordinary ass you might see, but still an ass, we'll get to that;

an ass with her head up another asses' ass realised she'd been an ass as her vision had been obscured for some time. All of a sudden there came a great sucking noise, like the sound of a toilet finally being unclogged by its friend the plunger, and the she-ass could see that she had had her head in this he-asses' ass for quite sometime. with a great kick and a mighty heehaw, out the door tumbled the he-ass.

So now I bow, to you, my friends, whom I could not see before, I make no excuses (my vision obscured as certainly tho it was) but implore you, to forgive me for being the she-ass whom had had her head in the he-asses' ass as surely as your sitting on your own right now!

I turned you from being this loser into a semi-decent looking loser. You should have been grateful. You fucking cheating dork. No he never had the balls to call it quits. He would rather keep paying for my diamonds discreetly and slink off than tell me to my face. Little pussy. He was always scared of me.

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what an asshole
  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago
He is a dickhead

This Fucker
  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago
He kicked my puppy when he was only 4 months old for trying to take a piece of pepperoni Tony was trying to get his chihuahua to eat. He doesn't have anything against little dogs. He just kicked him into the entertainment center, and little cocoa didnt know any better. He only weighed 3 lbs, and after that he was scared of him. That is when I knew I would never marry him... Fucker

  posted by dingosateyourbaby

574 weeks ago
I hope his balls get chewed off for what he did to my dog.


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