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tempe market place bestbuy

574 weeks ago

what a fine group of workers bestbuy has. they all go party it up together..even the low life managers. then they go fuck eachother behind eachother back. beth and lisette of geek squad are both whores and danny is just a lame fag. mark can suck a fatty and i love your sorry ecuses at the front door. always trying to bag a white chick try beth shes super easy! oh and yes to set the record stright holly garcia does have lice

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Need a tissue?
  posted by [Anonymous]

573 weeks ago
Looks like someone is a little bitter, about getting FIRED!!!
1- Grow the f*ck up!
2- Learn how to spell if your gonna talk sh*t.
3- Have a great day!

  posted by [Anonymous]

573 weeks ago

Please stop slandering your work place on the internet. Beth and Lissette are simply not interested in you...that does not mean they are whores, it means you are pathetic.
P.S. This is how you spell "excuses"

to a faggy ass peice of shit
  posted by [Anonymous]

573 weeks ago
wow you are a fucking dirty vagina who is pissed cuz beth wont get with you why dont u stop acting like rosie odonnell stop posting things about ppl that you wish were your friends...oh and by the way cock sucker i fucked your mom...and your grandma. k thanks bye bitch should prolly get checked out cuz im pretty sure you have more stds then ron jermey
love emily from MD.

What the Fuck?
  posted by [Anonymous]

573 weeks ago
A little bit jealous? Everyone at the best buy hangs out with each other, with out you. What does that say? Yeah, that's what I thought. Grow the fuck up, if you hate your life and working at best buy so much, do something to fix it, no need to bitch and bash everyone around you. If you knew anything about Bethany or Lysette, you would realize how much of a jackass you look writing this. First off, easy would probably be the last thing I would call "Beth" (by the way, no one calls her that) don't hate just because she won't hook up with you and can get much better. We all know you've tried, you pathetic loser. Anyways, there are a lot of great therapists out there for people like you, maybe you should check it out. Have a great day, do something fucking stupid like this and make yourself look like even more of an idiot, and then you can comment again. :]

PS, another word of advice: If you want to talk shit, you should probably do it somewhere else besides "", makes you look like a loser. No one really knows about this website, i'm not really sure why you do? Haha, oh wait, I remember now, you're a fucking faggot with no life.

Have a good one!


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