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575 weeks ago


These are our choices for President? Man, is we in trouble. Just take a look at this cast of characters and think about one of them running our broken down government. This country is in a mess as it is without having to put some dick brain ( or dickless brain) into the White House to make it worse. I'd be happier giving Bushy another 4 years, or bringing Clinton, (Bill Clinton, that is, the one the fucks around with young interns) back to office. At least Bill gave us a few chuckles while he was in and he really didn't do such a bad job.

Ok, let me clarify the headline here. I was all for Obama when I saw him give his first speech. So this isn't a black thing with me. I'm white, but have lived with black women and love them as much as any other woman. I have no prejudices in my life at all. But, and it's a big but, I saw Obamas wife give a speech to an all black audience a month ago, and in the speech she said "our people" several times, referring specifically to the blacks as "our people". All I could think of was years back when the country was split between whites and blacks and all the black ministers referring to their congregations as "our people". We sure don't need anyone in the government, especially in the White House, splitting the country again by referring to any group as "our people". "Our People" should be every law abiding, legal citizen living in the United States. No black, white, yellow, pink, or blue separation. People with prejudices should simply be strung up or shot. And let me tell you, from what I saw in the speech Obama's wife gave, she is one prejudiced bitch. But I like Obama, so maybe we should hook him up with someone like Paris Hilton. Just think, as president he can hit every Hilton Hotel world wide for free and save us taxpayers a shit load of money.
Maybe Obama should take a page from football star Reggie Bush. That black dude just hooked up with one of the hottest white bitches on the planet, Kim Kardashian. Don't believe me, go Google Kim and you can check out her sex tapes online. Reggie just got engaged to her. Lucky bastard. Obama needs to take a lesson from him.

Ok, lets move on to Hillary. What can I say that you don't already know about the whiney little bitch? (Can you imagine someone that’s running for president crying because she lost a fucking caucus? And you’d vote for her for president?) Her husband's a stud and has had more women in the White House than the last 10 presidents combined. Just imagine the fun Bill will have living there if he's not under the watchful eye of the press. He can have intern orgies every night while Hillary travels around trying to save the world. Nice deal, but wishful thinking. Hillary doesn't have a chance when it comes to the national election. All us men know that someday we're going to have a woman president, but we all think with our dicks and need some hot chic President like Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, or Christina Milian, just to name a few. (sure, guys, you can Google them too). Just picture Jessica Biel in a short, tight, low cut dress meeting with bin Laden. He'd throw that Muslim, "cover up the women" bullshit right out the door and move to the good old, sex driven, US of A in a heartbeat. Then we could throw the asshole off the empire state building.

John Edwards? Now here’s a guy that spends more time doing his makeup than KISS used to. The pretty boy of politics looks like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken. He’s just way to clean cut to be President and he probably owes everyone in Washington some favors. No chance here.

Ok, how about old Johnny McCain. At least he has a good looking lady, and when she was younger she was pretty hot. What I don't like is MCCain running as the hero, tortured war vet. Let's get serious, the guy didn't volunteer to get tortured, they captured him and did what they did to every American they thought could give them information, which was torture the hell out of them. This isn't something new and the war vet shit isn't the reason to vote for him. Don't you think when the Confederates captured some Yankee officer they didn't torture him to find out where the next attack was going to be? We do it to Arabs, and Arabs do it to Americans, and every country at war does it to whoever they're fighting. It's part of the battle, folks, live with it because it's never going to change.

But McCain has been in government for so long he has nobody left to impress or to cuddle up too. This is a guy that will do whatever he thinks is best for the country and won't give a shit who likes it or doesn't like it. This is his last hurrah and he won't be looking for future favors. He may just be the lesser of all evils and the one that can get us back to normal.

And how about Chickadee, or Hickabee, or Huckabee, whatever his name is. Where the fuck did he come from? I have no idea what he stands for, but from the little I've scene from him he's got a great sense of humor. Let’s face it, this country has become a joke and maybe we need a guy like him to go in with a good attitude and then kick some ass. And maybe, just maybe, he has the least ties to Washington, doesn't owe anyone anything to anyone and will really straighten everything out.

Now, my old home state guy, Mitt Romeny. Well, I still love the Red Sox and Patriots, but I don't trust any guy that doesn't drink and Mormons don't drink. Besides, the guy comes on as a total fucking fake. Cold, hard and calculated. The good thing is that he'll probably be the first president to have a bunch of wives. Now, if he promises to consult with Hugh Heffner on the chics he brings to the White House with him, I just may consider giving him my vote. At least when we have to watch a boring press conference on TV, we can see a lot of T & A.
Last but not least on my list is my favorite, Fred Thompson, only because his wife is smokin hot. And you say that’s not a good reason to vote for him? Take a look at the rest of the dildo’s we have to vote for, and all my male friends will realize that voting to have a hot chic in the white house isn’t a bad idea at all. The problem with him is he acts like he’s on his last legs. I have no idea how he keeps that girl happy. Must be the butler.
Well, that’s all for election news right now. Be sure to send me your comments.
DUMPI—over and out.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

575 weeks ago
I gather that Dumpi, who is signed off as the author of this post, owns the website. Man, this is asking for the Feds to knock on the door and confiscate your computer. I have to admit you hit the nail on the head when you wrote this. I guess I'm the first person to comment, which surprises me unless you don't get a lot of people to this web site. I'm sending the link to some political friends that will really like it. Good luck and I'll be back. I like this web site.

You left out my guy
  posted by petsr4ever08

575 weeks ago
I totally agree with you on Bush, and I agree, also, that it's our fault, for letting the Bush Admin. get by with everything they've done in the past 8 yrs. They have all but ruined our country.

In your post you mentioned almost everyone but Dennis Kucinich. I don't know how much of a liberal you are, but if you're a liberal and a progressive, then Dennis is the man. Obama is the man the Repubs would really like to see run. They know that at this time there is no way a black man can win. I am not saying this out of prejudice. I am a white woman and my first husband was black. I have 2 black daughters. I would like nothing better than to see a black president if he were the right person for the job. Obama has not been around that long. I think it's pretty strange that all of a sudden he gets so much press and media attention. And, remember that the media has been bought and paid for by the Bush Admin. and their backers--big business and even bigger oil.

Check out Kucinich. He is 62 yrs old and has been into politics since he was the mayor of Cleveland Ohio at the age of 31. He has since been a Democratic Congressman for years. He was against the Iraqi war from the very beginning. He is pro-union, pro-choice, pro-national health care. He is trying to get Cheney and Bush impeached. He, more than any other candidate, is for the poor and the dissappearing middle class in this country, and he always has been. HE GETS NO MEDIA COVERAGE. That, in itself, says a whole lot.

Anyway, I intend to vote for him even if I have to write his name in on the ballot. I am trying hard to get the word out about him. If you are middle class or poor, or a woman who wants to control her reproductive rights, or a person who respects all religions, not just the christian religion, or a person who has no health insurance, and can't afford any, or a gay person who wants the same right to marry as everyone else, or just a person who wants to live in a country that really means "freedom for all", then vote for Kucinich even if you have to write him in. Just make sure you spell the name right.

  posted by [Anonymous]

575 weeks ago
Wow, you sure hit below the belt. That story is great. I figure you're from Massachusetts because of the Mitt Romney comment, so you must be one of those stuffy old Yankee guys. I've dated a few of them, but the younger version, and like you, they're all very opinionated and set in their ways. I think you must be older though because most younger guys aren't independent enough to write something that crazy and honest. I showed it to my editor and he was shocked. He laughed when he read it and really liked it. (I work for the Globe.) He said it was the most truthful analysis he's seen of the candidates, and told me not to tell anyone he said it. I told him he should put it in the paper but he said it was too damaging and would just cause us problems. Well, I just wanted to tell you I love the story and will keep reading Dumpi. Oh, yes, I watched the video and it's a riot. Are you one of the players that I can see, or is that you in the Dumpi hat? Well, bye for now.

  posted by [Anonymous]

575 weeks ago
What is in your mind writing something like this? It's an insult to the American Public and to all the candidates. Referring to Sen. Clinton as a "lesbo" is slander and you can be sued for that, and probably will be. It's people like you that are the problem with our country and you should be banished from the land or put in jail. Senator Clinton has done wonders for the State of New York and she will do a terrific job when she becomes President. How can you favor Mr. Clinton with all the embarrassment he brought to the White House, our Country and to his family, especially Hillary Clinton. It's very obvious that you and nothing more than a male chauvinist and an extremely prejudiced person. I'm sure this nasty web site of yours will fail or be taken off the Internet, and you so deserve it.

  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago

It sounds to me like you don't have the slightest clue as to what you'e talking about. No one will see another republican for a while. Sen. Clinton doesn't cry about much, and even all the blacks will boycott Obama, cause they already call him an Uncle Tom motherfucker BC he's too white.But not white enough. You have to be whited than undercooked cornbread to set foot in the oval office. So you better stop crying in a hurry cause come jan 2009, we are going to be swearing in another Clinton. This one just isn't stupid to have her boyfriend meet her at work.


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