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Bathroom "Accident"

576 weeks ago

When I was twelve, my dad had this awful girlfriend, and she had an even more horrible daughter. I hated her. To save water, since combined there was 6 kids, we used to have to bathe in the same water. I would take a bath, and then the daughter, Brittany, would use the same water. One day she pissed me off really bad, so after I was done bathing, I squatted over the tub and peed. She took a bath and never knew what really happened :D

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  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago
lmao that was funny. but i'd have to say that was not very clean. LOL

Piss is good
  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago
Female urine has the horomones that when added to water, give it an excellent ph and probably helped poor Brittany achieve nice clear skin. Maybe you should have pissed on yourself.


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