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I am sorry, but it's time

576 weeks ago

B.J. you are a two timeing arrogant asshole who thought you were to smooth to get caught. It is time to let your wife know the truth. If you don't tell her I will, and I will not withhold any details. She deserves to know, she deserves better than you.

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Speaking Of What She Deserves....
  posted by [Anonymous]

576 weeks ago
Did you know about his wife when you started seeing him? If so, you should've thought about what she deserved and stayed clear of her husband. If he cheats on his wife, he'll cheat on anyone else who gives him the time of day!

No shit!
  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago
And don't think you are doing a favor by coming out as the homewrecking whore you are!


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