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Tried to warn her

572 weeks ago

When he first asked me out I thought it was a joke. I knew that he was living with a friend of mine and I did not want to hurt her. But then he kept on doing it. We all know that he has a rep for messing around and my friend is soooo in love with him. She was even one of his girlfriends before his last divorce, but she thinks things are different with her. They are planning on getting married and everybody knows that he is going to hurt her again and yet she won't listen. So I started going out with him to prove to her what a shunk he is. I got alot of info and told her sister what was going on. We were going to wait until after Christmas to tell her. But she found out before we could. Now she blames me for everything. She thinks that I did it just to hurt her. And even though there has been other women she married him anyway. Why did I even bother? So much for friendship.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago
You could have been more covert about it, like taping the conversations he had with you or having him meet you and having your cohort (her sister) video it! What did you expect? A warm thank you with open arms when she caught you with who she thought was her man right before Christmas? Do you know how bad this would hurt someone. And now you gripe so much about friendships! What kind of friend snogs someones fiancee to prove he is a liar. It made you as low as him. Maybe now the 2 of you dirtbags can get married, that way you wont make 2 other people inthe world miserable by going after them! If you have any compassion for your former 'Friend' I would suggest staying the hell out of her life. And her sister should be damn shamed too! You're a bunch of bitches!

Frienship? You are STUPID!
  posted by RaTiOnAL

553 weeks ago

You come on to and start dating HER boyfriend, yet you think SHE is wrong? You are really stupid.


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