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Amy Feltman

574 weeks ago

Amy Feltman resides in Anniston, Al. Had an affair in 2004 with a married man 20 years older. Played him like a fine fiddle while she was making fun of him and said he made her sick. Runs into him at a bar year and half later and corners a friend that was with him in the mens bathroom in a drunken state begging him to take her home and to bed. Of course they figured out she wasn't really serious, doing it to piss the gieser off for dumping her and going back to his wife. Lied like a champ to the wife when confronted about it saying she didn't still care about him and accusing him of still trying to make contact with her. Then a year after that runs into the wife at a bar and was stupid enough to stay and be in her face! Clearly she still cares and is a drunken liar. She gets drunk makes an ass out of herself and thinks people should put up with it and not get disgusted with her! There are those that aren't going to put up with her crap while she acts like a goody goody in her ivory tower!

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Just won't get it....
  posted by [Anonymous]

570 weeks ago

Apparently she has now clue what she is up against.


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