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In the name of GREED for the Holidays 2007

579 weeks ago

How 1 man has interrupted forty years of medical history all in the name of GREED

Everyone else has a web site, so I figured, why not me too? On this site I'll describe myself and share my interests and ideas.over the past has I celebrate 40 years since I was put into the health care system have had 2 kidney transplants cancer and now cardiac problems. This all started Nov 28 1967 with my first 5 week stay at UW hospitals Madison Wis. First Christmas and new year in a hospital at age 14 not fun! Then Oct 28 1968 Kidney Transplant lasted till 1991 AnothorKidney transplant 1993 going strong! Over the years there have been many trying moments but there is on person who has for the last year personally through his lies and mostly his greed have made my life more miserable than anything that has happened in the past he has also because of his lack of any kind of human compassion what so ever set my health conditions father back than any other human has ever done! His name is Richard Jinkins a very educated man that has taking advantage of many and his and my story will be published to many major networks like cnn discovery and many more it will show just how effective one mans reluctance to just admit what he has done is wrong and pay up has shattered a 40 year long program of keeping someone healthy.
I hope these articles will if nothing be giving to the public and let them decide what a man he really is and hope that by the time this is done not 1 person on earth will have a bit of respect to show him and that the embarrassment to his friends and family will last as long with as much damage and suffering as he has put me and my friends and family through. Thus is the beginning the story will continue to be added to weekly but the word will be put out before the holidays about Mr. Richard Jinkins and we hope no one has to suffer like what he has put me through this last year.

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