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The Mitchell Report -

553 weeks ago

What a joke this Mitchell report is. George Mitchell needs to go back to congress and spend some more taxpayer money on 300 dollar toilet seats. I can't believe MLB spent money on this report. For what? To tell us what everyone already knew? What a bunch of crap. Give the money to charity where it may do some good!!!! According to this report, at least one player from each team in baseball is using or has used a form of steroids or “HGH”. I never saw Roger Clemens throw a ball this year anywhere near 100 miles an hour. Most of the time he and Barry Bonds were injured sitting on the bench. What are you’re thoughts on this subject???

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Football has cameras-Baseball steroids
  posted by [Anonymous]

552 weeks ago
No team had an advantage because their players were on steroids. Every team had some, so it evens out. And the Patriots didn't have any advantage over the other teams with the "Spygate" crap. Most all the teams did the same thing, they just didn't get caught. Besides, the Patriots are still kicking the shit out of everyone, even without the spy cameras. Prediction for this weekend. Pats 54 Jets 14.

  posted by [Anonymous]

552 weeks ago
Make it mandatory for all players in the majors to take steroids.


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