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mgr. safeway foster city, store 999

575 weeks ago

this manager does nothing but sit on his ass all day. only comes out walk the store if his superiors are confirmed to visit. this is the laziest manager i have seen in all my entire working like. wonder how he became a manager?
doesn't check, only sits in his office all day. no wonder he has a big gut. with his chinese assistant what can go wrong? he can also lose his wig or rag, so obvious. he is a jerk, a good for nothing useless manager. what hit to our morale as safeway employees under him. he should be transfered. together with his big fat wife.

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Wait, what are you bitching about?
  posted by [Anonymous]

569 weeks ago
First off I have noticed on this site, most dumpees are worse losers than the dumpe-ons. Are you bitching about just his laziness, or his ethnicity as well. His 'Chinese assistant" what's the problem there? Does he do his job? Do you do yours? If you go to work, do your damn job, and leave at the end of your shift, then that should solve your problems. Let lazy fatasses figure out their own solutions.


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