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Trevor Wright is a crybaby sissy who's wife likes c%#k and c%#t!

577 weeks ago

Trevor Wright, aka Trevy is a "man" who once dated a fat girl. This fat girl grew as did their love until they were married. They banged and out popped a kid.

It seems like a boring story, but there is much more.....A few years went by and Trevy wasnt laying the pipe correctly on his beautiful buxom bride. She filled her emptyness with lean cuisines and pepperoni pizzas until one day she realized what she was missing - a real cock.

Her search began until she found the cock of one of her coworkers. He began fucking her every way everywhere, every day. Poor trevy had no idea! And when he found out - BOO HOO!

After he found out he sent an email to her company where he also worked. Now everyone knows about poor trevy's woes. He also professed his love for her and said the person banging his whore of a wife was an asshole.

This is where my love for trevy ends, because he is simply a pussy. Who has their whore of a wife get banged by HIS FRIEND and then says he still loves her? Someone who is a big big pussy.

I also found out that while they were married, trevy used to dress up as a woman and his wife would fuck him with a strap on. The rumours are also that she would make him fuck men and she would watch. Yum Yum.

But i am getting away from my point. The point is trevy is a pussy, his wife likes cock and most importantly she loves my cock.

Her fat ass is so delicious. I love diving between those giant ham hock legs and sticking my rod into her dirty cunt. It is so warm and moist that i often blow my load within a few minutes of pumping.

She also has a mouth that just wont quit. She has given me a blowjob everywhere i can imagine, in my car, in my room, in the parking lot of our "company", in one of our "company" vehicles. As I type this she has her lucious lips wrapped around my tool. She will suck my rod until i spew my hot liquid reward into her throat and then she will clean my cock so well you couldnt even tell i just got a blowjob.

She also lets me put my rod in her cornhole. Im not one for ass fucking, but this hot little fat whore loves getting backdoored. And who am i to deny her the pleasure? She makes these little noises when i enter her rectum that it makes me spew my goo all over the place.

So trevy, know this - while you are home weeping like a little bitch, im fucking your whore of a wife - every way i can think of. Yummy.

Also, she says you are nowhere near the man i am.

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  posted by [Anonymous]

577 weeks ago
wow.... I feel sorry for the other people that have to work with you at the "company" I also feel sorry for the "customers" that you serve .... you know my email address... How about you Man up and stop hiding behind the internet.

Big Girls...
  posted by [Anonymous]

577 weeks ago
I personally think fat girls try harder in bed, this Trevor guy sounds like a huge pussy since he takes it in the cornhole himself!!!


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