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Patty Barnholdt, you skanky slut

577 weeks ago

Ok, seriously, who at American Airlines have you not put out for? You haven't figured out that no matter who "above" you you screw, they will NEVER promote your lazy ass?

Oh, and all the pilots know you are the easiest lay in Arlington. They even made up a city code about you...PJH... for Patty Jo's hole.

So everyone knows to stop by between 9pm and 11pm before your husband gets home from work. Unless your two young boys are being the unholy terrors.

Patty, you need to do a few things. First, if you are going to put out in a car on the street, drive a few blocks away and don't park under a street light.

Second, you might want to remove your listings from the Iowa Craigslist.

Third, drops some tonnage you mega heffer.

Fourth, along with the tonnage, drop the attitude mega biatch!

Fifth, BATHE MORE OFTEN. You smell like a yeast infections with a nicotine addiction.

Sixth. Chew with your mouth closed.

I can't wait for your your big fat husband to come home early from work and bust your ass, probably from sitting on it. No wonder he has switched teams.

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This is way too funny!
  posted by [Anonymous]

575 weeks ago
I'm wondering if Sean posted this? I guess things have gone sour between P. Barnholdt and S. Betel? Ja Patty hasn't figured out she can't fuck her way to the top. Maybe she could try WORKING.

Since someone (I'm betting on Wanda) started this list, I am going to add to it.

Seventh: we are all SICK and TIRED of hearing you complain about your fat husband! Dump his ass if he is so lousy in the sack and so fat! I am sick and tired about listening to how sex with your husband is as much fun as painting your toenails. Girl, get over it and move on!

Eighth, your two sons are total brats. Reign them in before they become the next Scott Petersens.

Ninth, stop parking in handicap spots. They are for the PHYSICALLY handicapped, not the MENTALLY handicapped.

I also would support suggestion number six. It's just rude.

Whats her phone number???
  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago
I need to get laid.

Be nice to Patricia
  posted by [Anonymous]

573 weeks ago
Ok so she married a guy who got fat and maybe he has a small dick and isn't good sexually but she is always talking about how he gos to all his kids sports games and he seems like a good dad. Some of us would trade a good sex for a good dad to our kids. Patricia can be nice I wish she would be nicer to her self and stop the smoking and drinking and drugs.

  posted by [Anonymous]

572 weeks ago

  posted by [Anonymous]

572 weeks ago
i banged her a couple of times until i found out she is a liar. she said she was divorced she showed me her drivers lisence that had her last name as fontana. she fed me a cock n bull story about how AA hadnt gotten around to changing her email. lyin lousy fat whore.

Superbowl 2007
  posted by [Anonymous]

571 weeks ago
Thank you Wanda for being my cover on Superbowl 2007. Too bad Patricia just got fucked up drunk in Vegas. I got one lousy fuck in while she was passed out.

If you are Patricia's husband, your wife loves to brag about how she flew out with me to Vegas while you were with your fat friends watching the Superbowl. She knows what a good fuck is and likes to come and get it. She tells the kids to go play with the dog in the back yard while I fuck your wife in your own bed.

Not news
  posted by [Anonymous]

564 weeks ago
Who doesn't know that Chris Calnan and Mrs. Barnholdt went to Vegas together? The passenger list was passed around. There it was, in print. Row 7, seats D, E, and F. There was not much left to the imagination.

Why don't we all simply focus on keeping our airline alive so we all have pay checks to look forward to.

  posted by [Anonymous]

563 weeks ago
When she flashed her breasts at me during the CR get together, she had pubes growing out of her boobs.

Please, pluck before you fuck.

Patty Barnholdt IS a slut
  posted by [Anonymous]

525 weeks ago
SHE IS JUST A HUGE SLUT!!! Amazing what you can find out about someone doing a google search. I met her in Atlantic IA with my friend John. Didnt know she was married with kids. She even told me she was pregnant and wanted money from me for an abortion. I told her no. Stay away from this skank!!!!!!

Patty Jo Cissell/Fontana/Barnholdt WHATEVER YOU ARE
  posted by [Anonymous]

524 weeks ago
I dated this "lady" who said her name was Patty Cissell and she worked for American Airlines. She took me to Vegas last year, when we checked in I noticed her last name on the boarding pass was "Barnholdt" and she she hadn't changed back to her maiden name after her divorce.
When we were in Vegas her cell phone rang in the hotel room, it was her husband, some guy named Steve.

Watch out for this slut!

Shit I fucked that cunt!
  posted by [Anonymous]

499 weeks ago
Dude I banged your wife! She said her name was Patty Cissell. When you are at work in the evening, I was stopping by your house in Arlington, and she would fuck me hard in my Suburban.

Call me at 214-886-7554 and I can give you details.

Clint Harrell

Air line
  posted by jacksaparow

473 weeks ago
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