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583 weeks ago

Last week all my girlfriends went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for our friends wedding. We arrived on Wednesday in the evening and headed straight in to town to get drunk. We got up the next afternoon and headed to the pool for some R & R. We had met some real hot guys in town the night before and invited them over to the pool at our hotel for the afternoon. It was a real hot day, probably in the 90’s, and there are about 14 of us around this pool sipping on daiquiris and Bloody Marys. Most of the girls had strapless dresses for the wedding, so they were undoing the strings to their tops so they wouldn’t have tan lines. One of the girls, Jenny, had been hitting on this guy the night before and was really obnoxiously drunk and just falling all over him. She was lying on her stomach at the pool and the guy was sitting in front of her. She got up to dip back in the pool and her top came off, like she didn’t know about it, and completely flashed her big fake boobs and nipples to everyone there, including kids and parents. It was really a play for the guy and all the other girls were totally embarrassed, as it made us look like a pack of sluts. I don’t see how anybody can do something that stupid just by accident. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to hang around with her anymore and I’m sure a few of you other girls feel the same way. If you want to flash your boobs to hook a guy, you can do it in the privacy of your own room, not at a public pool. How do the rest of you feel?

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  posted by [Anonymous]

583 weeks ago
Why do get the pic of Jenny with the top on? She lost it, so lets see her "big fake boobs and nipples" like everybody else saw.

  posted by [Anonymous]

582 weeks ago
When you said you immediately went to get drunk, met some guys, invited them over the following day...before this girl flashed her plastic boobs...I was already thinking you were a "pack of sluts". Actually, I went a little further and between the words "of" and "sluts", I quickly tossed in the word "rabid".

  posted by [Anonymous]

578 weeks ago
i love sluts.

Yeah you are sluts...
  posted by [Anonymous]

574 weeks ago

You went to mexico to get drunk and fuck strangers, thats why everyone goes to mexico. Its like what happens in mexico, stays in mexico except the crabs you caught on your crotch! They get a free plane ride home. Don't blame Jenny just because she's hotter than you other whores. Maybe you should have gotten aleg wax first.


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