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Bob's a whore-momger

579 weeks ago

Debbie, by now you must realize that Bob is nothing but a no-good slut-fucking piece of garbage. Your friends are all hoping that you don't really believe that he's been faithful in marriage. The only reason he actually left this time was so that he could fuck his newest little tramp on his or her schedule, and not on yours, which dictated when he could do all his other fucking around. But mark my words. As soon as he's done getting his dick wet with his current herpes ridden whore, he'll be back and begging for your forgivness and talking about what a mistake he made and what a wonderful thing he threw away. Your friends hope you do yourself a favor and find some self-esteem. Remember how he left you with the bills and high and dry with no money for you or your two girls. Tell him to go stick his cock in a blender or something (trust me, that would be a favor to women everywhere). Don't even consider forgiving him, taking him a But maybe there is justice in the world and he'll catch some form of VD and his dick (as puny as it is) will turn black and rot off. Now THAT would be justice.

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