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Where was the owner over these 9 months

584 weeks ago

WINONA, Minn. -- A pet pig whose weight tripled while it was in the care of a sitter has been placed on a diet -- and an animal cruelty charge has been filed against the caretaker.

Video: Woman Faces Charges Over Not-So-Little Piggy

The 5-year-old animal, Alaina Templeton, part potbellied pig, has lost 10 percent of her 150 pounds and is recovering well from surgery to remove a collar that had become embedded in her overly fat neck, owner Michelle Schmitz said.

Alaina made headlines last week after Schmitz complained that the pet sitter had allowed Alaina to go from her normal 50 pounds to 150 pounds in just nine months.

Schmitz had left Alaina with the sitter, a co-worker, while she was on medical leave to recover from ankle surgery.

Alaina apparently had been foraging for cat food and chicken feed outdoors at the co-worker's farm.

Schmitz said now that her pet is back home, the excess pounds will "melt off" with a healthy diet and exercise.

She said she and Alaina's veterinarian consider 50 pounds a more suitable weight for the mixed-breed pig.

A misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty has been filed against Mary Beesecker, 52, of Houston, Minn., Winona County Sheriff David Brand said.

"I want her to be held responsible for what she did and what she didn't do," Schmitz said.

Beesecker did not immediately respond to a call from The Associated Press seeking comment Tuesday, and she has refused requests from The Winona Daily News for an interview.

What I would like to know is "WHY" this woman never went to check in on her pig? She had ankle surgery for god sake, you mean to tell me she couldn't hobble over to her friends farm and visit her piggy---- for 9 months. give me a break she needs to take some of the blame on herself, maybe she didn't know what exactly the pig was aloud to eat and not allowed to eat. come on the pig was fat not skinny!!!!!

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